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First posted on December 2nd 2004, last revised on January 21st 2014

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see also Yuan, Ming, Qing, Republic of China
see also History of Port Arthur (Kwantung, Dalian)
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From the Manchu Conquest of Ming China (1644) to 1860, Manchuria (in contemporary English language sources then called Eastern Chinese Tartary) was sealed off to Chinese settlers. In 1858 Qing China had to cede to the Russian Empire the Amur Territory, in 1860 what the Russians would refer to as the Maritime Territory, with the northern half of Sakhalin (hitherto claimed by Qing).
In order to defend the thinly populated territory of Manchuria against further Russian expansion, in 1860 the country was opened up for Chinese settlers, many of whom came from the province of Shandong.
In 1894-1895 Japan emerged victorious from the First Sino-Japanese War; it demanded among others the Liaodong Peninsula. However, the Russian Empire regarded a Japanese acquisition of the latter as interfering with her own ambition; the East Asiatic Triple Alliance (France, Germany, Russia) successfully exerted diplomatic pressure with the effect that Japan gave up the Liaodong Peninsula and Russia instead leased Port Arthur from Qing China (1898).
In the Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905, Japan emerged victorious and the leased territory of Port Arthur was transferred to Japan, now called Kwantung. The Russian Empire and Japan agreed to divide Manchuria in two spheres of interest, Southern Manchuria (Japanese) and Northern Manchuria (Russian).
Following the Chinese Revolution of 1911 the Chinese Empire disintegrated. Zhang Zuolin (Chang Tso Lin) emerged as the warlord in control of Manchuria 1916-1928), who temporarily even established control over Beijing. In 1928 the Nationalist government established control of Manchuria.
In 1931 Japan invaded the country and established what the Chinese referred to as the "Puppet State of Manchukuo" 1932-1945. Nominally ruled by Kangde Emperor (= Puyi, the last Qing Emperor), in reality the country was administrated and exploited by Japan. In 1945 Manchuria was invaded by Soviet forces; the Soviets soon handed the administration of Manchuria over to the Republic of China. When the Chinese Civil War resumed in 1946, Manchuria quickly fell to the Communists, and since 1949 is part of the People's Republic of China, which prefers the term "Northeast China" to Manchuria.
Compared to other coastal regions of the PR China, Northeast China lags behind in economic development, largely due to the fact that the military's influence on the administration of the province proves an obstacle to economic development.

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Historical Perspective
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