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First posted on October 10th 2009

For later history see Yuan Dynasty 1227-1368, Yunnan

A kingdom established by the merger of a number of smaller kingdoms in 737, centered on Taihe (modern Yunnan). Originally a Tang vassall, from 750 yo 794 a vassall of Tibet. After throwing off the Tibetan yoke, Nanzhao pursued a policy of expansion, culminating in the taking of Chengdu in 829. By 873 the conquests in Sichuan had been retaken by Tang. The dynasty of Nanzhao was toppled in 902; in 937 Nanzhao was succeeded by the Kingdom of Dali (named after the new capital of Dali, although this kingdom often is also referred to as Nanzhao).
In 1095 a usurper renamed the kingdom Dazhong. After his death, the previous dynasty resumed control. The 11th king introduced Buddhism as state religion. In 1253 the Mongols conquered Nanzhao; in 1274 they established the province of Yunnan, belonging to the Yuan Dynasty.

The population of Nanzhao consisted of a number of peoples, most importantly the Yi (Lolo), the Bai. The Mongol invasions caused a massive population exodus; the Miao/Hmong for a period have lived in Nanzhao, the Thai trace their origins to Nanzhao.

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