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Sources on the History of East Asia
Sources on the History of Core China . South China . Gobi Region . Northeast Asia
First posted on November 20th 2006, last revised on January 22nd 2014

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for the years until 1911 see Chinese Empire
For the years 1911-1949, see Republic of China

Demographic History of China
Historical Atlas : China, Macau, Hong Kong

History by Province : Anhui, Fujian, Gansu, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan, Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Zhejiang
For Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang see Manchuria
Former foreign colonies / leased territories / concessions in China : Macau, Hong Kong

Students' Paper : Lee, Hye Jin, The Coverage of the Vietnam War in People's Daily, 1965-1976 (2013)
Students' Paper : Son, Bo Kyung, The History of Persecution of the Buddhist Faith (2011)
Students' Paper : You, In Sun, Analysis of Decline of East-Asian Medicine - Where should Traditional Medicine in Korea (ROK) Head ? (2011)
Students' Papers : Koh, Yu Kyung, Heroes and Villains in the National Historiography of Modern China (2010)
Students' Papers : Cho, Yeon Ju, Taboos and Sensitive Issues in the History of Modern China (2010)
Students' Papers : Kim, Sun Hoo, Namecalling Used by the People's Republic of China in its Modern National Historiography (2010)
Students' Papers : Cho, Yeon Ju, History of Textiles in East Asia (2009)
Students' Papers : Nam, Sangjoon, History of Transportation in China and Japan (2009)
Students' Paper : Ryu, Hye Jin, Nationalism and High School History Instruction : A Comparison of History Books from China, Korea and Japan (2009)
Students' Paper : Ryu, Hye Jin, History of Popular Music in Communist Countries: USSR and China (2009)
Students' Papers : Jeong, Hae Yoon, History of Education in Communist Countries (2009)
Students' Papers : Ko, Young Kon, The Changing View of Confucius in Chinese History. From Ancient China to Communist China (2009)
Students' Papers : Lim, Seung Hwan : History of China's Open Ports (2009)
Students' Papers : Park, Il Heon, A Condensed Account of the History of Chinese and Korean Communism and the United States China Policy in the years 1921-1959 (2008)

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Country Profiles current from BBC Country Profiles; from World Desk Reference ; from Nations Encyclopedia; from Wikipedia; from CIA World Factbook Country : PR China
Library of Congress Country Studies : China
Links General from Library of Congress, Portals to the World; from BUBL; from dmoz; from Internet Guide for Chinese Studies (Virtual Library China); from MCLC; Links on China (chapter on Ch. History) from Univ. Oregon, Asian Studies
List of China-related topics, from Wikipedia
Asia Portal : China
on History from Virtual Library Labour History (IISG); from Virtual Library Economic and Business History; from Virtual Library Women's History; from IGCS; from Univ. Oregon, Asian Studies
Historical Dictionary Encyclopedia of China, from Jongo Knows
Maoist Wiki
Organizations Chinese Archaeology Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
The First Meeting of The Japan-China Joint History Research Committee (2006), from MOFA Japan; Shoji Jun'ichiro, Briefing Memo. Outlook for the Japan-China Joint History Research Committee, 2008
International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS)
The International Project on Chinese and Comparative Historiography, by IIAS
Timelines Timeline China, from BBC News, begins in 1949
from www.timelines.ws : 1925-1994, 1995-1999, 2000-2030
Timeline of Chinese-European Cultural Relations, posted by Institute of Asian Affairs, Hamburg
Chronologie Chine, from Clio, in French
Category : Years of the 20th Century, from Wikipedia
Accounts of History Chinese Perspective PRC : History, from GOV.cn, Chinese Government's Official Web Portal
other Perspective Concise Political History of China, posted by Chinese Culture (CUNY); based on Comptons; from Chinapedia
Article History of the PRC, from Wikipedia; from Crime and Society. A Comparative Criminology Tour of the World
Consolidating the Revolution, 1950-1957, ch.45, Party and Meritocracy : the "Antagonistic" Contradiction, ch.46, Politics of the "Great Leap" and the "Cultural Revolution", ch.47, China, Russia and America 1949-1996, ch.48, Post-Mao Domestic Politics : the Postponed Crisis of the First Succession, ch.49, from Edward Kaplan, Chinese Political History, at WWU
Historiography on Chinese Perspective Daqing Yang, "Regime of Truth" and Possibilities of Trans-National History in Japan and China, 2002; click here for discussion
review of Qingjia Edward Wang, Inventing China through History : The May 4th Approach to Historiography (2001) from BC Asian Reviews
Wang, Yuanzhou, A Peripheral Vision of China's Historiography : Ups and Downs of Asian History, Journal of Northeast Asian History 5/1 2008
T.K. Chung, Aspects of Modern Chinese Historiography, from The Corner, 1985
other Perspective Article : Chinese Historiography, from Wikipedia
Category : Historiography of China, from Wikipedia
Leif Littrup, Post-modernisation or Normalisation in China, NIAS Newsletter 2002
Seo, Jungmin, The Politics of Historiography in China : Contextualizing the Koguryo Controversy, from Asian Perspectives 32/3 2008
Politics Political Resources on the Net : China; Governments on the WWW : PR China; For the Record 2000 : China, from UN Human Rights System
Article Politics of the PRC, from Wikipedia
Article Communist Party of China, from Wikipedia
Anti-Rightist Movement, June 4th Massacre, Cultural Revolution, by Ah Xiang
Lee, Hong Yung. From Revolutionary Cadres to Party Technocrats in Socialist China. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1991
Dittmer, Lowell. China's Continuous Revolution: The Post-Liberation Epoch, 1949-1981. Berkeley: University of California Press, c1987.
Stephen R. MacKinnon, A Late Qing-GMD-PRC Connection : Police as an Arm of the Modern Chinese State, Selected Papers in Asian Studies 1983
Gordon Bennett, Decentralization and Reform in China's New Policies, Selected Papers in Asian Studies 1983
A Comparison of Chinese and North Korean Communism up to 1980, Part 1, Part 2, Blbliography, by James Graham
Military see here
Resistance Wars, Korean & Vietnamese Wars, by Ah Xiang
Song Yongyi, Case Study : The Dao County Massacre of 1967, from Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence
Economy A Global History of Currencies : China; Article Economy of the PRC, from Wikipedia
Article Renminbi, from Wikipedia
Article Shanghai Stock Exchange, from Wikipedia
The Economic History and the Economy of China, by Thayer Watkins
China, from Technological Independence - The Asian Experience, by S. Chamarik and S. Goonatilake
350 Years of Chinese Textiles, by Robert Oliver
Article Economic History of China, from Wikipedia
A Short History of the Chinese Car Industry, from World Business Live; Article Automobile Industry in China, from Wikipedia
Space Industry of China, from china.org.cn
Catherine R. Schenck, Economic and Financial Integration between Hong Kong and Mainland China before the Open Door Policy, 1965-1975, draft, IEHC 2006
Global Integrity : China 2007
Enterprise China, from Economy Point
Coffee History in China, from Mad about Shanghai
P. Eijkhoff, Wine in China. Its History and Contemporary Developments; History, from Wine China
Walder, Andrew G., editor The Waning of the Communist State: Economic Origins of Political Decline in China and Hungary. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1995.
Rawski, Thomas G., and Lillian M. Li, editors Chinese History in Economic Perspective. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1992.
Andrew C. Wilson, Politics and Market Forces in China's Planned Economy : The Case of Grain Self-Sufficiency versus Cash Crop Benefits, Selected Papers in Asian Studies 1986
Search Company History, Funding Universe : Company Histories for China
Maps Chinese Agriculture c.1930, posted by Paul Noll
China's Nutrition Revolution (Dairy Industry), from Shanghai Star 2002
John P. Powelson, A History of Wealth and Poverty: Why a Few Nations are Rich and Many Poor, Ch.11 : China : The Puzzles of History, China : Institutions and Reform, 1994
The Economic Geography of China, ch.2, Twentieth Century Chinese Economic Thought, ch.43, Economic Consequences of War and Civil War, ch.44, Agricultural Cycles since 1949, ch.46, The Industrial Takeoff of the 1950s, ch.47, Economic Vicissitudes of Mao's Old Age, ch.48, The post-Mao Economy and its Prospects, ch.49 from Edward Kaplan, Chinese Economic History from Stone Age to Mao's Age, 1989/1997, at WWU
Social History Stephen L. Morgan, Stature and Famine in China. The Welfare of the Survivors of the Great Leap Forward Famine 1959-1961, 2008
Davis, Deborah, and Stevan Harrell, editors. Chinese Families in the Post-Mao Era., Berkeley: University of California Press, 1993.
Arlene T. Golkin, Medical and Nutritional Aspects of Famine in Twentieth Century China, Selected Papers in Asian Studies, n.d.
Alcohol and Drugs History Society : China
China : History of the Third Sector, China : History of Philanthropy, from Philanthropy and the Third Sector in Asia and the Pacific
Crime and Society : A Comparative Criminology Tour of the World : China
Ethnography Languages of China (236), from Ethnologue
Minorities at Risk, scroll down for China - Hui Muslims, Tibetans, Turkmen
Wikipedia Articles : Autonomous Areas of China, List of Ethnic Groups in China; articles on individual minorities linked here
Country Report : China, from U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (Reports 1997-2006)
Migration Information Source : China
China, from World Cultures Encyclopedia
World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples : China
Wu Chinese, by Liang Huang
Religion Chronology of Catholic Dioceses : China, from Kirken i Norge
China, from The Jewish Virtual History Tour; China, from International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies - Cemetery Project
China's Christian History, by Charles Homer
Patron Saint Index : China
History of Regions see History of Anhui, Fujian, Gansu, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Heilongjiang, Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Jilin, Liaoning, Manchuria, Ningxia, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shandong, Shansi, Sichuan, Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Zhejiang at this site
Provinces of the PRC, Prefectures of the PRC, from www.statoids.com
Local History History of Beijing (Peking), by Lee Min Ju (at this site), from china.org, from Wikipedia
History of Tianjin (Tientsin), from Wikipedia
History of Shanghai, at this site, from Wikipedia
History of Nanjing (Nanking), from Wikipedia
History of Guangzhou (Canton), from Wikipedia
History of Chongqing (Chungking), from Wikipedia
Institutions Article Shanghai Stock Exchange, from Wikipedia
Brief History of Broadcasting Stations in Shanghai, from Old Shanghai
Article China Radio International, from Wikipedia
Article China Central Television, from Wikipedia
Article Chinese Space Program from Wikipedia; Entry China, from Encyclopedia Astronautica
Article Rail Transport in the PRC, from Wikipedia
China National Aviation Corporation Homepage, has history
History of the Educational System of China, by D. Surowski; Education in the PRC, from Wikipedia
Article Chinese Academy of Sciences, from Wikipedia
China, from Airline History
Structurae : China; Search Lighthouse Depot for China
Society introduction, from Chinese Nutrition Society
Culture Article Chinese Language : History and Evolution, from Wikipedia
Article Chinese Literature, from Wikipedia
Article Cinema of China, from Wikipedia
Andrews, Julia F. Painters and Politics in the People's Republic of China, 1949-1979. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994.
Articles China at the Olympics, Sports in China, from Wikipedia
Biographies List of Famous Chinese, from Wikipedia
Environmental History Jonathan Harrington and Wu Yiqi, A Competitive Advantage Analysis of the Air Emissions Control Industry in the People's Republic of China, Selected Papers in Asian Studies 1995
Robert M. Hartwell, Fifteen Centuries of Chinese Environmental History. Creating a Retroactive Decision-Support System, 1994
anon. The Environmental History of China and the Sustainable Management of Governments
Patrick T. Hughes, Environmental Degradation in the Tibetan Autonomous Region, ICE Cases 2006; Nargiza Salidjanova, Chinese Damming of Mekong and Negative Consequences for Tonle Sap. ICE Case Studies 2007
Osamu Saito, Forest History and the Great Divergence : China, Japan and the West
Deforestation History, from The Increasing Costs of Development : Threats to China's Biodiversity
Yaoqi Zhang, Deforestation and Forest Transition : Theory and Evidence in China
Others Backgrounder : Sino-British Relations, from Chinese Embassy London; Articles Foreign Relations of the PRC, Dates of Establishment of Diplomatic Relations with the PRC, from Wikipedia
China, from Tram Views of Asia
Historical Photographs Online (China), from Finding Images of East Asia at Harvard and Beyond
Disaster History by Country : China, from Relief Web; Category Disasters in the PRC
Palearctic Ecoregion, from WWF
Een kroniek van Nederlands-Chinese betrekkingen (A chronicle of Dutch-Chinese Relations), from Gele Draak, in Dutch
The History of Chinese Medicine : Modern, 1911-, from Shen Nong
William A. Mulligan, The Chinese Press : Journalism under Mao, Selected Papers in Asian Studies 1992
William A. Mulligan, The Influence of Deng Xiaoping on Chinese Journalism, Selected Papers in Asian Studies 1991
William A. Mulligan, Media Reform in China after the '89 Turmoil, Selected Papers in Asian Studies, n.d.
Victor Bai, Emergency Management in China, FEMA
Nutrition Country Profiles : China, from FAO
Juliana Peresvetova, Sino-Soviet Amur Conflict, ICE Case Studies 1997; Dong Jun Na, The Yalu River and its Security Implications for China, ICE Case Studies 1998

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Historical Data Lists of Statesmen from World Statesmen (B. Cahoon); from Rulers (B. Schemmel); from World Rulers (E. Schulz, illustrated); Political Leaders, from ZPC, including party leaders
Lists of Ambassadors Sveriges beskickningschef i Kina, from Wikipedia Swedish edition; List of U.S. Ambassadors to China, from NNDB; List of Canadian Ambassadors to China, from Wikipedia; Ambassadeurs de France en Chine, from Wikipedia French edition, Liste der deutschen Botschafter in China, from Wikipedia German edition
Statistical Data Responsible Institution National Bureau of Statistics of China
Population Figures China, from Population Statistics
China Population Database, from UNESCAP
Population of Cities : China, from City Population
Historical Abortion Statistics, PRC, from Johnston's Archive
Exchange Rates Historical Exchange Rates, from Oanda, since 1990
Federal Reserve (U.S.) : Foreign Exchange Rates, Historic
Documents Historical Newspapers Hemerotheques ICON, International Coalition on Newspapers : Newspaper Digitization Projects, scroll down for China
Modern Newspapers links from Online Newspapers, from World Newspapers
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Staatskalender on the PRC
Image Databanks Surveys Historical Photographs Online (China), from Finding Images of East Asia at Harvard and Beyond (links)
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Systematic Collections
Chinese Posters 1950-, from IISG
China 1972 Image Database
China Underground : 20 Rare Images of Chinese Nuclear Tests during Sixties, 1960s
China Underground : 14 Cultural Revolution Propaganda Postcards
Accidental Collections
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Items on PR China
Asian Historical Architecture, a Photographic Survey
Universal Collections
Items on PR China
License Plates, from Francoplaque, from License Plates of the World
Passport, from Passports of the World
Airline Timetable Images : China (People's Republic)
Archival Deposits Records of Historic Richard Nixon-Zhou Enlai Talks 1972 now Declassified, from National Security Archive
Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken (Mofa, NL ; enter "China" in field : "Lijst samenstellen op land of regio", 27 entries; sources posted in Dutch language
Constitutions Verfassungen der Volksrepublik China (Constitutions of the PR China), from verfassungen.de, in German
Laws List of Ratifications of International Labour Conventions by China, from ILO, 30 docs. since 1948
Internet Law Library : China
Treaties General Treaty Collections
Bilateral Treaty Collections Documents : Australian Treaty Series, Bilateral Treaties - China
Document Surveys
Document Collections Links to sources, from UWashington Library
Documents : PR China, from CEAS, from UCLA Center for East Asian Studies
Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
Chinese History Documents, from John Fairbank Memorial Chinese History Virtual Library
Chinese History : Government Documents, posted by R.R. Wertz
Asia for Educators : Primary Sources with Questions, China, 1900-1950
Individual Documents Shanghai Communique 1972, from CNN Interactive
Historical Maps responsible institutions National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation
collections see here
Links, from Univ. Oregon, Asian Studies
entire country, modern Zhou & Qin, from Asian Linguistic Maps
Maps Chinese Agriculture c.1930, posted by Paul Noll
Map : Languages of China, from Titus
entire country, contemporary Map : China Main Railways 1961, China Mineral Sources, Main Industrial Towns 1966, from Probert Encyclopedia Antiquarian Map Archive
detail, modern
detail, contemporary U.S. Army Map Service, China 1:250,000, 1954-, China City Plans, 1942-1945, PCL, UTexas
Parliamentary Debates
Historic Tour Guides
Exhibition Catalogues
Institutions Archives State Archives Administration, PRC
Repositories of Primary Sources : Asia : China, from Univ. of Idaho. Mostly Archive Webpages, 9 entries
UNESCO Archives Portal : National Archives Asia Pacific, has one entry for China (Nov. 20th 2006), scroll down; has also 12 entries on provincial, 31 entries on municipal level
Monuments Tentative List : China, World Heritage List, scroll down for China; from UNESCO World Heritage
China Index, from Showcaves
Libraries National Library of China . National Digital Library of China
Libraries in China, from LibDex, 23 entries
State Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, from FOTW; National Emblem, from Wikipedia; National Anthem, from National Anthems Net
Coins Banknotes of China, from World Currency Gallery, from Ron Wise's World Paper Money; Chinese Banknotes, from Numismondo; from Zeno
Coins of PRC, from Zeno

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bibliographic database China National Bibliography, IFLA Entry
general bibliographies pp.251-278 in L.R. Sullivan, Historical Dictionary of the People's Republic of China 1949-1977, Lanham Md : Scarecrow 1997 [G]
pp.587-655 in L.R. Sullivan, Historical Dictionary of the People's Republic of China 1949-1977, Lanham Md : Scarecrow 2007 [G]
Links : Books on Chinese History, from Asia Source
China Bibliography. Collection of Resources, posted by University of Maine at Farmington
Bibliography, Library of Congress Country Studies : China
annual bibliographies
specialist bibliographies N. Light, Annotated Bibliography of the History and Culture of Eastern Turkistan, Jungharia/Zungaria/Dzungaria, Chinese Central Asia, and Sinkiang/Xinjiang
Article : Bibliography of Christianity in China, from Wikipedia
Tribal Textiles, China Bibliography
J.E. Hoare, S. Press, World Bibliographical Series No.226 : Beijing, Oxford : Clio 2000 [G]
serial publications
general bibliographies
China entries
Memory & Reconciliation in the Asia-Pacific : Comfort Women : Bibliography
Online Libraries general Google Books; Internet Archives; Gutenberg Library Online; HathiTrust; e-corpus
on China National Library of China . National Digital Library of China
Thesis Server Open Access Theses and Dissertations
Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR) : China
Online Journals Directories Directory of Open Access Journals
full text online Search Parameters, US Army War College Quarterly 1971- for China
Asia Insights, from NIAS, 2002-
B.C. Asian Review, clickable index
Journal of Northeast Asian History 2004-
Asian Perspectives, 2003-
IIAS Newsletter, 1993-2003
Orientalia Parthenopea Journal 2005- , mostly in Italian
Asia Major 1923-1934, 1949-1975, 1988-2010 Academia Sinica
Journal of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 1961-2007
contents online Monumenta Serica. Journal of Oriental Studies
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