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First posted on December 2nd 2004, last revised on September 25th 2009

Timeline : Qinghai

Country Profiles from Wikipedia
Links, General
Historical Dictionary Encyclopedia of China, from Jongo Knows
Historical Maps The Chinese Republic with Tibet, Mongolia, Racial etc., Northwest China political, Tibet Political and Economic, from Albert Herrmann, History and Commercial Atlas of China (1935), posted by huhai.net
Map : Languages of China, from Titus
Timelines click here
History of the Administrative Divisions of China, Capitals of Subnational Entities of China, from Wikipedia
Accounts of History from Wikipedia
List of Current and Former Capitals of Subnational Entities of China, from Wikipedia; scroll down for Qinghai
Encyclopedia Entries Article Sining, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, in German
Economy The Qinghai and Tibet Winter Wheat Zone, from A History of Wheat Breeding in China, by CIMMYT
China's Western Region Development, by Anja Lahtinen
Ethnography Articles Hui People, Mongols, Monguor (Tu), Salar, Tibetan People, from Wikipedia
China, from World Cultures Encyclopedia, has entries for Hui, Kazak, Mongols, Salar, Tibetans, Tu
Bonan, Tongren, Mongour, Qinghai Kazaks, Salar, Sogwo Arig, Tu, from Joshua Project, scroll down for history
The Hui : China's most Loyal Muslims, from CPA Media
Articles Baoan, Deang, Mongols, Tibetan, Tu, from Ethnic China
History of Religion History of Kumbum Monastery, Labrang Monastery, from The Berzin Archives
Diocese of Guide, Apostolic Prefecture of Xining, from GCatholic
History of Regions Provinces of China, from www.statoids.com; Prefectures of China, from www.statoids.com
Articles List of Administrative Divisions of Qinghai, Henan Mongol Autonomous County, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County, Amdo, from Wikipedia
History of Cities History of Xining (Qinghai), from Muztagh Travel
Article : Xining : History, from Wikipedia
Structures, Institutions Structurae : Qinghai Province
Qinghai-Tibet Railway History, from Tibet Train Travel
Introduction of Qinghai University
Bibliography Datenbasis Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde (Data Base on International Relations and Country Studies), keywords Tsinghai, Qinghai (site in German, most titles listed in English; publications mostly since 1970)
Catalogue of Tibetan Studies, from china.org, has several entries on Tibetans in Qinghai (books in English)
Books on Qinghai (in English), from lulu.com
Special Topics History of Relations between Tibet and China, from Tibet Facts

Lists of Statesmen Provinces and administrative divisions of China, from World Statesmen
China Administrative Divisions, from rulers.org
Population Figures China, historical population statistics by province, from Population Statistics, by Jan Lahmeyer
Qinghai, from UNESCAP Chinadata
City Populations : China - Qinghai, from City Population
PRC, Abortions and Live Births by Region, Historical Data, from Johnston's Archive
Qinghai, from Database of the Basic Conditions of Family Planning Programme at CIPRC (Text on Demography, 1999)
Document Collections Search USC Digital Library for Tsinghai, Qinghai
Archives UNESCO Archives Portal : State and Regional Archives, China, 12 entries, scroll down for Hainan
Qinghai Provincial Museum, Xining, from China Culture

General Accounts History of Tsinghai, p.213 in : Article China, from Encyclopaedia Britannica, Macropaedia, 15th edition, Vol.16, KMLA Lib.Sign. R 032 B862h

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