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First posted on December 10th 2004, last revised on October 27th 2009

History of the Territory of the Modern Province of Shaanxi

Southern Shaanxi was under the Xia Dynasty (1989-1558 BC), which was followed by the Shang Dynasty (1558-1046 BC) and the Zhou Dynasty (1046-220 BC). After the sack of Xi'an in 771, the Zhou Dynasty disintegrated (Spring and Autumn period 770-403, Warring States period 403-220), Shaanxi came under Qin, which by 221 BC by the way of conquest reunified China (221-206), it was followed by Western Han (206 BC - 8 AD), Xin (8-22) and Eastern Jin. From 220 to 265, Shaanxi belonged to Cao Wei, from 265 to 317 to Western Jin, then to Former Zhao (318-329 ) Later Zhao (329-353), Former Qin (351-394), Later Qin, then northern Shaanxi was conquered by Xia. Shaanxi then was conquered by Northern Wei and when the latter split came under Western Wei, then under Northern Zhou, before China was reunired by Sui (581-618), followed by Tang (618-907). Then southern Shaanxi fell under Dingnan, northern Shaanxi under Jin, which was conquered by Later Liang and Liao. Then southern Shaanxi remained under Dingnan, while northern Shaanxi was under Northern Han. Then China was reunited under Northern Song (960-1127); then Shaanxi came under Jin 1127-1234, which was annexed by Yuan 1234-1368. Shaanxi then came under Ming 1368-1644 and Qing 1644-1911.
During the Republic of China 1911-1949, Shaanxi saw frequent change of governments. In 1935 the Communists, after the Long March, established the Shaanxi Soviet, capital Yan'an (Yenan). Since 1949, Shaanxi forms part of the People's Republic of China

History of the Shaanxi as a Chinese Province

Under the Han Dynasty, southern Shaanxi formed part of Sili province, northern Shaanxi of Bing province. Under Western Jin, southern Shaanxi was under Han province, central Shaanxi under Yong province. Under Sui, all of Shaanxi was part of Yong province. Under Tang, the territory of Shaanxi largely was covered by Guannei province, stretches in the very south under Jingji province. Under Northern Song, most of Shaanxi was under Yong province, the very south under Li province. Under Jin, western Shaanxi was under Fengxiang province, northern Shaanxi under Fuyan province, central Shaanxi under Jingzhaofu. Under the Yuan Dynasty, Shaanxi was a separate province by that name. Under early Ming, the province of Shaanxi was annexed into Gansu Province, but later again split from it. it remained a province under Qing, the Republic of China and the People's Republic of China.

Timeline : Shaanxi

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