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Hebei Henan
First posted on December 9th 2004, last revised on October 26th 2009

History of the Territory of the Modern Province of Shandong

Western Shandong was within the sphere of influence of the Shang Dynasty (1556-1046) and the Zhou Dynasty (1046-221), while Eastern Shandong, inhabited by the "Barbarian" Laiyi People, remained independent for some time; they underwent gradual Sinification. Under the Zhou Emperors, the territory of modern Shandong was divided in two States : Lu and Qi.. Following the sack of the Zhou capital Xi'an in 771, the states became independent in all but name (Spring and Autumn Period 770-403, Warring States Period 403-221). Teng, a vassal of Lu, became independent in its own right until its annexation by Yue. Later, southern Shandong fell to Chu, which annexed Lu in 256. In 221 Chu and Qi were conquered by Qin (until 206). Then Shandong belonged to Western Han (206 BC - 8 AD), Xin (8-22), Eastern Han (25-220), Cao Wei (220-265), Western Jin (265-317), Former Zhao 319-329, Later Zhao (329-353), Former Yan (337-370), Former Qin (351-394), Later Yan (384-409) of whom Southern Yan (398-410), covering most of Shandong, split off. Southern Yan in 410 was conquered by Eastern Jin, later belonged to the Northern Dynasties (Northern Wei, Eastern Wei, Northern Qi, Northern Zhou), then to the Sui Dynasty 581-618, the Tang Dynasty 618-907, the Five Dynasties 907-960, to Song Dynasty 960-1127, to Jin Dynasty 1127-1234, to Yuan Dynasty 1234-1368, to Ming Dynasty 1368-1644, to Qing Dynasty 1644-1911. In 1898 China leased Kiautschou to Germany, Weihaiwei to Britain. From 1911 to 1949 Shandong belonged to the Republic of China. Frpm 1925 to 1928 under the control of "Warlord" Zhang Zongchang. From 1928 to 1937 under the Nanjing administration, from 1937 to 1945 under Japanese occupation, from 1940 to 1945 under the collaborationist Wang Jingwei administration in Nanjing. Since 1949 to the People's Republic of China. In 1922 the Kiautschou territory was returned by Japan to China; in 1930 Britain returned the leased territory of Weihaiwei.

History of the Shandong as a Chinese Province

Under the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD) Shandong was divided in the Qin and Yan provinces. Under the Sui Dynasty (581-618) Shandong was divided in the Qin, Yan and Xu provinces. Under the Tang Dynasty, Shandong formed part of Henan province. Under the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127), Shandong formed Jingdong West and Jingdong East provinces, under the Jin Dynasty (1127-1234) Shandong East and West. Under the Yuan Dynasty, Shandong was part of the central region, administrated from the capital. Under the Ming Dynasty, the (modern) province of Shandong was established. From 1860 to 1907, Fengtien (Liaoning) was under the administration of Shandong.

Timeline : Shandong

Students' Papers : Suh, Hee-won: History of Water Management in China (2008)
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