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Hong Kong
First posted on November 30th 2004, last revised on February 6th 2013

Timeline : Shanghai

Profiles : The City modern N.Z. Huang, Urban Development of Shanghai, China
historical General description of Shanghae and its environs extracted from native authorities, 1850, SBB
Foreign Concessions modern Article : Shanghai International Settlement, from Wikipedia
D. Camus, "Paris of the Orient", The Shanghai French Concession (1849-1946), Medicographia
Links, General Rickshaw Express Web
Tales of Old Shanghai
Historical Dictionary Encyclopedia of China, from Jongo Knows
Timelines click here
Timeline of Chinese-European Cultural Relations, posted by Institute of Asian Affairs, Hamburg
Accounts of History modern from Wikipedia
from Lonely Planet; from dzit.com
Le Paris d'Orient, from Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres
Treaty Ports Foreign Concessions & Colonies 1921-1922 China, by Phil Abbey
Pott, History of Shanghai (1928), posted on Tales of Old Shanghai
historical J.W. MacLellan, The Story of Shanghai, from the Opening of the Port to Foreign Trade (1889), IA
Politics The History of the United States Consulate General in Shanghai
Military China Marines Shanghai 1927-1941
L. Zweers, Shanghai under siege: letters and photographs of Karel Frederik Mulder, IIAS Newsletter 58, 2011
31st US Infantry Regiment Association, Shanghai 1932
Article : Shanghai Massacre of 1927, from Wikipedia
R. de Rodyenko, The second revolution in China, 1913. My adventures of the fighting around Shanghai, the Arsenal, Woosung forts 1914, IA
Article : Battle of Shanghai (1861), from Wikipedia
Article : Ever Victorious Army (1860-1864), from Wikipedia
Article : Order of Battle of the Battle of Shanghai, from Wikipedia
Empress of Asia : Shanghai August 1937 - Reinforcement and Evacuation
The Italian Armed Forces in China, 1937-1943
A. Xiang, Japanese Provocation in Shanghai 1937, 2007, Republican China
Article : Shanghai Campaign 1949, from Wikipedia
Article : Shanghai Expeditionary Army, from Wikipedia
P.R. Abbey, United States Navy Yangtze Patrol and South China Patrol
A. Xiang, Air Battle over China 1932
Article : Battle of Shanghai 1937, from Wikipedia
The Surreys in Shanghai
Economy Debin Ma, Modern Economic Growth in the Lower Yangzi in 1911-1937 : a Quantitative, Historical and Institutional Analysis, IEHC 2006
Article : Shanghai Stock Exchange, from Wikipedia
A. Marshall, History of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, 2011
Article : Jiangnan Shipyard, from Wikipedia
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Article : Shanghai Russians, from Wikipedia
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History of Religion The Jewish Community in Shanghai, from The Jewish Virtual History Tour : China; Jews of Shanghai; China, from International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies - Cemetery Project, Shanghai
Patron Saint Index : Diocese of Shanghai
Diocese of Shanghai, from GCatholic
Jewish Community of China, The Chronology of Shanghai 1832-1932
U.S. Holocaust Museum, German and Austrian Jewish Refugees in Shanghai
A. Altman, I. Eber, Flight to Shanghai, 1938-1940: The Larger Setting, Yad Vashem
The Sino-Judaic Institute, Detailed Shanghai History
Structures, Institutions Structurae : Shanghai
Biography Old China Hands Oral History Project (many from Shanghai)
Others Graham Earnshaw's Shanghai - a potted history
Exil Shanghai
Miller, Michael B. Shanghai on the Metro: Spies, Intrigue, and the French Between the Wars. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994.
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P.L. Koffsky, The Consul General's Shanghai Postal Agency 1867-1907 1972, Smithsonian Institute

Lists of Statesmen Provinces and administrative divisions of China, from World Statesmen
China Administrative Divisions, from rulers.org
Population Statistics China, historical population statistics by province, from Population Statistics, posted at Univ. Utrecht
Shanghai, from UNESCAP Chinadata
City Populations : China - Shanghai, from City Population
PRC, Abortions and Live Births by Region, Historical Data, from Johnston's Archive
Shanghai, from Database of the Basic Conditions of Family Planning Programme at CIPRC (Text on Demography, 1999)
Economic Data China Hai guan zong shui wu si shu, Report on Trade at the Treaty Ports 1868, 1869, 1871, 1880, IA
China inspectorate gen. of customs, Trade statistics of the treaty ports, for 1863-1872 (1873), posted on Internet Archive
Documents : Newspaper Entries Simplicissimus 1896-1944, Index (p.38), Volumes 1935/36 1 p.10, 9 p.106, 1940/41 35 p.445, 36 p.460, 50 p.536; in German
New York Times Archive 1851-1980 has 40,255 entries for Shanghai
China Shanghai News, from Inside China Today
Shanghai Article Archives, by Keepmedia
Online Newspapers links from IPL
Online Historical Shanghai Newspapers Gelbe Post, Heft 1 1939, issued in Shanghai, in German
Ling Long Women's Magazine (Shanghai 1931-1937), posted at C.V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia
Archive Deposits Peter Nash, Shanghai Municipal Police Records (pre-1949, held at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA II] in College Park, Maryland, just outside of Washington DC)
M.R. Ristaino, Shanghai Municipal Police Files, 1894-1949
London, School of Oriental and African Studies, GB 102-380753 Photographs of Shanghai Municipal Police 1895-1910
Jewish Records Indexing, Poland : Shanghai Polish Consular Records
HSBC Bank History and Archives
Constitutions, Laws Land regulations and bye-laws for the foreign settlement of Shanghai, north of the Yang-king-pang 1907, IA
Chinese Courts in the International Settlement at Shanghai. Agreement by Diplomatic Representatives in China of the United States of America, Brazil, France, Great Britain, Netherlands, and Norway, with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of China, Feb. 17 1930
Shanghai Government, Legislative Information Website
Consular Reports Supplement to Commerce reports : daily consular and trade reports issued by the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, China, Shanghai June 10 1915, IA; Nov. 11 1915, IA; Sept. 9 1916, IA; Apr. 6 1917, IA; July 18 1918, IA; Oct. 15 1919, IA
Commerce Reports, 19th year vol.3, July, August and September 1916, IA; p.307 : Increasing Use of American Goods in Shanghai, n.d.; p.548 : Austrian Ships in Shanghai in Demand, July 14 1916; pp.572-573 : Rope and Cordage Market at Shanghai, May 24 1916; p.879 : Life Insurance Business in Shanghai, July 22 1916; vol.4, October, November and December 1916, IA, pp.114-115 : Increase in Shanghai's Exports to United States, Aug. 28; 21st year vol.3, July, August and September 1918, IA, pp.742-744 : Plans to Make World Harbor for Shanghai, July 18; p.799 : Japanese Cotton Mill in Shanghai, n.d.; p.899 : New Stock Exchanges in Shanghai, July 19; pp.940-942 : Trade Conditions in Shanghai, July 27; p.1088 : Modern Hosiery Mill at Shanghai, n.d.
Document Collections Search Scripophily for Shanghai
Symbols Flag of Shanghai Int'l Settlement, from FOTW
Individual Documents
Historical Maps Virtual Shanghai, Map Collection
Tales of Old Shanghai, Maps
Map location of Schanghai, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1888-1889
Map of Shanghai, from History and Commercial Atlas of China (Albert Herrmann 1935), posted by huhai.net
Maps of Shanghai, from ISH
China Maps, from PCL, UTexas, several Shanghai maps
Historical China Maps, from PCL, UTexas, several Shanghai maps
Map : Shanghai 1922, Shanghai 1932, from Probert Encyclopedia Antiquarian Map Archive
1935 map, from Wikipedia
Encyclopedia Entries Article Shanghai, from EB 1911
Article Schanghai, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1889, in German
Tour Guides C.E. Darwent, Shanghai : a handbook for travellers and residents to the chief objects of interest in and around the foreign settlements and native city 1911, IA
All about Shanghai, a Standard Guidebook 1934, posted on Tales of Old Shanghai
Flying Tigers' Guide to Shanghai 1945, posted on Tales of Old Shanghai
Travelogues Edwin John Dingle, Across China on Foot: Life in the Interior and the Reform Movement (1911), A
Resident Memoirs S.P.R. de Rodyenko, Small Me: A Story of Shanghai Life (1922), IA
J.D. Clark, Sketches in and Around Shanghai etc (1894), IA
A. Wright, Twentieth century impressions of Hong-kong, Shanghai, and other Treaty Ports of China. Their history, people, commerce, industries, and resources (1908), posted on IA
C.M. Dyce, Personal reminiscences of thirty years' residence in the model settlement Shanghai, 1870-1900 1906, IA
E.McCormick, The Unexpurgated Diary of a Shanghai Baby, 1927, posted on Tales of Old Shanghai
Archives A Guide to the Shanghai Municipal Archives, English Version
Municipal Archives - Shanghai, from UNESCO Archives Portal, 5 entries
Internet Public Library : China Shanghai
China deposits (Jewish communities Tientsin, Harbin, Shanghai), at Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People, Jerusalem
Others Historic Postcards from Shanghai, from Historical Chinese Postcard Project, 1896-1920
China Postcard Collection
Historic Picture Postcards, from Postcardman, from Curioshop, from collect.at, commercial sites
Search Delcampe Picture Postcards for Shanghai
Shanghai 1937, photos taken by Karl Kengelbacher, posted by Schauwecker's Japan Guide

General Accounts E.O. Hauser, Shanghai City For Sale (1940), IA
E.S. Tai, Treaty Ports in China: A Study in Diplomacy (1918), IA
Specific Topics S.A. Smith, Like Cattle and Horses, Nationalism and Labor in Shanghai 1895-1927, Durham : Duke UP 2002 [G]
Primary Sources V.V. Fedoulenko, Russian emigre life in Shanghai : oral history transcript / and related material, 1967, posted on Internet Archive

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