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Five Dynasties Yuan Dynasty
First posted on October 10th 2009, last revised on Julky 12th 2013

For later history, see Yuan Dynasty, Jin Dynasty

Song Dynasty

For earlier history, see Later Zhou, Wuyue, Chu, Southern Han, Later Shu, Southern Tang, Northern Han

Northern Song Dynasty (capital Kaifeng) 960-1127; Southern Song Dynasty (capital Hangzhou) 1127-1279.
The Song Dynasty ended the era of the Five Dynasties (907-960).
The Song Dynasty freed itself from the problem of earlier dynasties - the Emperor often having been merely a pawn of the aristocracy. The political system was despotism with the Emperor in control, his administrators being recruited from those who passed Confucian state examinations open to all social classes. The elimination of the aristocracy resulted in a reduction of the burden on the peasants. Song China experienced population growth, especially in the provinces South of the Yangzi River, where newly introduced Champa Rice made possible two rice harvests per year (notably in Guangdong Province).
In Song China, coal came to replace charcoal and timber as its main fuel; coal mining and the metal industry (notably iron) boomed. With the fall of Northern China to the Jin (1115-1234), trade connections across the sea became even more important. Song China produced numerous technical innovations; in the view of some scholars, the Song Dynasty was on the threshold of an industrial revolution. In 1279 Southern Song was conquered and annexed by Yuan.

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