The Sultanate of Shoa, 11th Century - Early 14th Century

In the region of northeastern Ethiopia, adjacent eastern Eritrea, Djibouti and western Somaliland, the Muslim SULTANATE OF SHOA expanded at the expense of Aksum (1138). It's economic center and capital was ZEILA (Saylac). Islam had been introduced into the area in 872.
In 1285, Shoa was annexed by Ifat King UMAR WALASMA. During the rule of Emperor AMDA-SIYON, Ethiopian forces defeated Shoa and killed their Sultan HANEQIN. The sultanate disintegrated; ADAL emerged as a successor state.

Africa and America 30 B.C. - 1453, by Sanderson Beck ; you have to scroll a bit
North Shoa - rich with history, from Walta Information Center

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