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Literature on the History of East Africa
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First posted on June 21st 2011

After The SULTANATE OF SHOA had been destroyed by the Abyssinians during the rule of Negus Amda Siyon (1314-1344), the SULTANATE OF IFAT, ruled by the Walashma dynasty, emerged as Shoa's successor state; it included Adal and the trading city of ZEILA (SAYLAC).
In 1415 the Abyssinians routed Ifat and conquered Zeyla; Sultan Sa'd ad-Din was killed. The Abyssinians withdrew and the Sultanate, now named ADAL, was reestablished by the descendants of Sa'd ad-Din. The capital was moved to Dakkar, east of Harar.
In 1506-1543, Adal was ruled by Imam Ahmad Ibrahim al-Ghazi; he imported cannons and waged war against Abyssinia, which brought the country close to collapse. Yet meanwhile the Portuguese established contact with Abyssinia (CRISTOPHER DA GAMA, 1541) and Portuguese military aid to the latter saved Abyssinia. Imam al-Ghazi's force was routed in 1542 near Lake Tana, the Imam killed in battle. The capital of Adal was moved to Harar, in 1577 to the oasis of Aussa, located in the Danakil depression.
Adal, from an expanding power, had become the subject of foreign raids - therefore the relocation of the capital to a remote location in a hostile climate. In the later 16th century, both Abyssinia and Adal experienced raids by the Galla. In the late 17th century, the dynasty ruling the Sultanate of Adal was overthrown by the Afar; this event terminates the history of Adal.
Some historians date the existence of the polity of Adal back into antiquity, identifying it with the Aualites. Reference to Adal, under this name, dates back to the 10th century. From 1285 to 1415, the region of Adal was controlled by the Sultanate of Ifat. The Muslim Sultanate of Awdal (Adal, Adel) existed from c.1415 to 1555. Through the port of Zeila (Seilac) it had access to maritime trade. At its climax, it controlled the city of Harar. A Kingdom of Awdal (Adel, Adal) continues to appear in European books into the later 19th century. By the mid 18th century, the polity of Adal had broken up into the Sultanate of Tadjoura and the territory of the Issa.
From the late 1870s to 1884 the territory of Awdal was under the administration of Egypt; from 1884 to 1960 part of British Somaliland; from 1960 to the disintegration of Somalia part of the latter; since then part of unrecognized Somaliland (Awdal).
The (north)westernmost government of Somalia / Somaliland is called Awdal.

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