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Literature on the History of East Africa
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First posted on July 2nd 2002, last revised on November 15th 2013

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1882-1922 . 1922-1941 . 1941-1952 . 1952-1962 . 1962-1991 . Since 1991

Colony of Liberal Italy, 1882-1922
In 1869-1880, the Rubattino Navigation Company acquired coastal stretches near Assab. In 1882, these were transferred to the Italian state, who proclaimed the Colonia di Asseb. The murder of the travellers Giuletti (1881) and Bianchi (1883) provided the excuse for Italian military occupation; the British, facing the Mahdiyya in the Sudan, welcomed the Italian occupation of the Red Sea shore. In 1885, Italy acquired the Ottoman-Egyptian 'Habesh'; the capital was established at Massawa, occupied by Italian troops in 1885. Italy found herself in an open conflict with Abyssinia (Ethiopia); in 1887 the Abyssinians destroyed an Italian column at Dogali. In 1889 - the Ethiopians were distracted by a Mahdiyya attack on Gondar - Italian forces occupied Asmara and the surrounding highland. The war was ended in a pact of amity and alliance in 1889.
In 1890, the area was declared the Colony of Eritrea. In 1896, the Italians attempted to conquer Ethiopia, but were defeated in the Battle of Adowa. In 1897, the capital of Eritrea was moved to Asmara. The southern borders of Eritrea were fixed by treaty in 1904. From 1890 to 1893 and from 1894 to 1897 the Italians held the city of Kassala in Eastern Sudan.
In 1894 the Apostolic Prefecture of Eritrea was created and entrusted to the Capuchins.
Italian settlers came into the country; the economy began to shift from self-sufficiency to export-oriented. The Italians, by building roads and railway lines (Massaua-Asmara, begun in 1888, completed in 1911), developed the infrastructure.
Improved sanitary conditions and medical facilities contributed to an accelerated population growth. In 1904 the area of Eritrea was given as 247,000 square km, the population as 330,000. At that time the railway, gauge width 1 m, starting at Massawa, had reached Guinda (77km).
In 1921, Massaua was devastated by an earthquake.

Colony of Fascist Italy, 1922-1941
In 1922, Mussolini formed a government in Italy and gradually transformed the country's multiparty democracy into a fascist dictatorship. The fascist government emphasized colonial policy; Italian immigration and infrastructure projects continued.
In 1929 the population was estimated at 405,000, mostly negroes of either christian (Coptic) or Muslim faith. There was also a Jewish community (described as of Arab origin), as well as small communities of Parsees and even Buddhists (ethnic Banians and Indians). A number of missionary societies were active in the colony, among them the Lazarists (Cath.) and the Evangeliska Fosterlands Stiftelsen of Stockholm (Prot.).
The native population thrived mostly on a pastoral economy (goats, cattle) and irrigation-based agriculture. The highland, with its more favourable climate, had a higher population density. The Italians experimented with growing coffee and cotton (as these were major import items). Camels played a role in domestic transportation. A potassium mine was operated in Dancalia, the exports of which went to Japan. Various gold mines had been abandoned due to a number of problems.A saline was operated near Massaua, another as Assab, the production of which was exported to India. Trepang was exported to China. Pearl fishing was of some importance, the export volume varying strongly from year to year.
The combined value of exports was on average about double than that of imports; in both, Italy was the dominant trading partner of her colony, accounting for 56-70 % of the total. Major import products were cotton textiles and yarn, metals and machinery, coffee. Major export items included coffee, hides.
The colony was administrated by a governor who was assisted by a Consiglio di Amministrazione. Elementary schools were administrated by the Catholic and the Swedish mission; Asmara had a technical school and a commercial school.

In 1935, Italian troops from Eritrea and Somalia invaded Ethiopia; in the following year, the conquest was completed. Now, the larger colony of Italian Eastern Africa was formed, of which Eritrea formed a province.

British Military Administration, 1941-1952
In June 1940, under the impression of Germany's quick victory over France, Italy entered World War II on Germany's side. Italian forces occupied British Somaliland. In 1941, the British launched a counteroffensive, from Kenya, Sudan and Aden. The Italian forces surrendered that year; Italian Eastern Africa, and with it Eritrea, came inder British military administration (BMA).
In Ethiopia, Negus Haile Selassie (ousted by the Italians in 1936; he had stayed in exile in London 1936-1941) returned to power. He pushed for Eritrea to be annexed to Ethiopia, to give the landlocked country access to the sea. The idea was welcomed by Eritrea's christian clergy. In 1952, the UN (Britain held Eritrea only as a mandate) decided that Eritrea and Ethiopia should be federated; the federation became fact in 1952; Eritrea became an autonomous region within the Empire of Ethiopia.

Autonomy within Ethiopia, 1952-1962
In 1952, Eritrea's young parliament had passed a constitution. Thee were two official languages, Tigrinya (used by the christians) and Arabic (used by the Muslims); as far as public offices were concerned, a parity between Muslims and Christians was envisaged.
Ethiopia never intended to stick to the conditions of the federation. Arabic was eliminated as a language of administration and education, Muslims expelled from official positions, political parties outlawed (1955). In 1962, when the federal status of Eritrea was officially cancelled, it was already a dead letter.

Resistance against Ethiopian Rule, 1962-1991
In 1962, the Eritrean Liberation Front was formed and armed resistance against Ethiopian rule began. The ELS soon was joined by a second organization, the EPLF (Er. People's Lib. Front). During the early 1970es, both organizations controlled much of countryside Eritrea. The EPLF, because of it's socialist ideology, received aid from socialist countries.
When Mengistu Haile Mariam toppled Negus Haile Selassie in 1975, Ethiopia switched from a western ally to a Soviet satellite. The Soviet Union now massively supported the regime in Addis Ababa, and Soviet aid to the EPLF as well as to the Somali enemies of Ethiopia dried up. Now armed with modern Soviet equipment, the Ethiopians expanded the territory under their control at the expense of the independence fighters.
In 1980, a conflict arose between EPLF and ELF, and the EPLF eliminated their competitors. Over time, the EPLF regained control of most of countryside Eritrea, the Ethiopians reduced to the major cities. With the end of the Cold War, it was now Ethiopia that suffered from suddenly withdrawn aid. The Ethiopian garrisons in Massawa and Asmara suffered siege; Ethiopia experienced rebellions in other parts of the country. The fall of the Mengistu regime in 1991 resulted in the de facto independence of Eritrea, although it took more time until the country received international recognition.

Independence, since 1991
By 1991, Eritrea had achieved de facto independence, without outside help. In 1993, a referendum was held; the vote was overwhelmingly in favour of independence, which was proclaimed. Isaias Afwerki became the country's first president.
Yet the international community hesitated with the recognition of Eritrea, the reason being that nobody wants to set a precedence, as many ex-colonies, especially in Africa, are in danger of disintegration. Among the major policies of the OAU is not to question any national borders.
In 1997, Eritrea introduced a new currency, the Nafka. In 1998, a conflict arose with Ethiopia over disputed territories along the border. The conflict escalated into a short war in 2000.

Historical Atlas, Eritrea Page

Students' Paper : Sung Ji Yun, History of Nutrition in East Africa (2012)

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Eritrea, 1951 p.260, 1952 p.257, 1953 p.257, 1994 pp.358, 603, 1995 pp.403-404, 603, 1996 pp.401-402, 603, 1997 pp.415, 601, 2002 pp.422, 599 [G]
Statesman's Yearbook Italy, Foreign Dependencies, 1895 pp.714-715, 1898 pp.712-713, 1901 pp.801-802, 1905 pp.863-864, 1910 p.970 [G]
Eritrea, 1919 pp.1008-1009, 1924 pp.1042-1043, 1925 pp.1050-1051, 1926 pp.1017-1018, 1928 pp.1044-1045, 1929 pp.1028-1029, 1932 pp.1043-1044, 1937 pp.1080-1081, 1943 pp.1041-1042, 1994-1995 pp.521-522, 1995-1996 pp.518-520, 1996-1997 pp.458-460, 1997-1998 pp.467-469, 1998-1999 pp.512-514, 2000 pp.589-592, 2001 pp.570-573, 2002 pp.594-597, 2003 pp.597-600, 2004 pp.597-600, 2005 pp.596-599, 2006 p.590-594 [G]
Americana Annual Eritrea, 1927 pp.307-308, 1928 pp.276-277, 1930 pp.285-286, 1931 p.291, 1932 p.255, 1933 p.285, 1934 pp.224-225, 1935 pp.251-252, 1936 p.260, 1937 p.256, 1938 p.250 [G]
Italian East Africa, 1938 p.349, 1939 pp.386-388, 1940 pp.399-401, 1943 pp.392-394, 1944 p.363 [G]
Italian East Africa - Eritrea, 1945 p.381, 1946 pp.384-385 [G]
Eritrea, 1947 p.237; Italian East Africa p.364 [G]
Eritrea, in : 1994 pp.228-229 [G]
Other Article : Eritrea, in : International Year Book 1898 pp.306-307, 1899 pp.309-310, 1900 p.333 [G]
Article : Eritrea, in : New International Year Book 1907 p.249, 1908 p.231, 1909 p.231, 1913 p.234, 1914 pp.231-232, 1916 p.208, 1918 p.196 [G]
Article : Eritrea, in : New International Year Book 1919 pp.226-227, 1920 p.211, 1921 pp.212-213, 1923 p.217, 1925 p.220, 1928 p.238, 1930 p[.249-250, 1932 p.263, 1933 p.247, 1934 p.217, 1935 p.221, 1938 p.238, Italian East Africa 1938 pp.355-356, 1939 pp.382-384 [G]
Article : Italian East Africa, in : New International Year Book, Events of 1940, pp.369-370, 1941 pp.295-296, 1942 pp.337-338, Eritrea 1942 p.221, 1943 pp.188-189, 1944 pp.198-199, 1945 p.188 [G]
Eritrea pp.159-160, in : Year Book and Guide to East Africa 1963 [G]

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