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First posted on July 2nd 2002, last revised on September 18th 2013

History of Madagascar : Narrative . References : Online Secondary Sources . Online Primary Sources . Bibliographic and Print Sources

until 1800 . 1800-1895 . 1895-1960 . since 1960

Pre-Merina, until 1800
The first European on record to discover Madagascar was Diogo Diaz in 1500. By that time, the island was populated by people of African as well as of Malay stock, who had immigrated centuries ago.
Portuguese missionaries had made attempts to convert the island's population, but Portugal made no attempt to settle or establish a colony. France established forts from 1642 onward : Fort-Dauphin, later Ile Sainte Marie. French influence did not go far beyond these forts. The French settlement at Fort Dauphin was abandoned in 1674. French pirates afterward established the pirate republic of Libertalia, possibly at the former Fort Dauphin.
The indigenous population concentrated in interior highland regions which offered a better climate than the humid lowlands. In the 17th century there were a number of indigenous kingdoms, notably the Kingdoms of Antemoro, Betsileo, Merina, Sakalava. The latter expanded in the later 17th century, covering much of the north and west, then disintegrated in the two kingdoms of Boina and Menabe.

Merina Kingdom, c.1800-1895
In the final years of the 18th century, King Andrianampoinimerina (1787-1810) established a Merina kingdom in the central highlands, with the capital at Antananarivo. His successor, Radama I. (1810-1828), allowed English missionaries in and, with British advice, modernized his administration and army. The Merina kingdom expanded by conquering the Betsimisareaka Kingdom. Missionaries opened schools and began to write in Malagasy; a Malagasy literature emerged. It was missionaries who introduced vanilla to the island in ca. 1840.
Under Radama's widow and successor Ranavolana I (1828-1861), christianity was outlawed and suppressed; the country fell into civil war. Ranavalona's successors reestablished ties with the English missionaries, English and permitted Catholic French missionaries in, too. Under Quuens Ranavolana II (1868-1883) and Ranavolana III (1883-1896), the Merina Kingdom extended over most of Madagascar, except the very south and some areas in the west.
France began a campaign of conquest in 1883; in 1885 they took Diego Suarez (Antsirane) and declared a protectorate over the entire island, which was recognized by Britain in 1890. In 1896, the Merina were decisively defeated and the Kingdom abolished. Resistance against French rule, however, continued until 1904.

French Colony. (1883) 1895-1960
French colonization of Madagascar began in 1883. In 1885, they established the colony of Diego Suarez on the island's northern end. In 1885, the French declared a protectorate over the entire island, at that time a mere claim. In 1840 France acquired Nossi-Be, in 1894 at Ste Marie de Madagascar, both islands off Madagascar. In 1896, the central region of the Merina kingdom, with the capital Antananarivo (Tananarive) was conquered; the Merina Kingdom was declared dissolved. and the French protectorate over all of Madagascar declared. Diego Suarez was integrated into the protectorate, the seat of administration moved to Tananarive. Queen Ranavalona III., and her prime minister were deported, first to Reunion, then to Algeria. Nossi-be and Ste Marie de Madagascar were annexed in 1898.
The French developed the capital region; French settlers came into the country. A railroad was built to connect Tananarive (altitude 1,400 m) with the east coast port of Tamatave (modern Toamasina), which subsequently replaced Diego Suarez/Antsirabe as Madagascar's main port. In 1911, the Comoro Islands (Anjouan, Grand Comore, Mayotte and Moheli), French since the 1880es, were annexed to Madagascar as dependencies. Resistance against French rule until 1904. In 1913, VVS, a Malagasy secret society aiming to overthrow French colonial rule, was founded, inspired by Japan's economic and technical progress; it was uncovered and suppressed in 1916.
During World War I, thousands of Malagasy have served in the French army. After the VVS secret society had been crushed in 1916, Malagasy political movements now aimed for more realistic political goals, such as reforms in labour legislation and equal rights for the Malagasy. In France the contribution of Malagasy soldiers to the defence of the country was well remembered, and celebrities such as novelist Anatol France suggested that French citizenship be granted to all Malagasy.
Yet the movement for equality and political representation made limited progress. While Economic and Financial Delegations - one each for the French settlers and for the Malagasy - were established in 1924, the Malagasy delegation elected, it was never given any political authority; it lay with the governor residing in Tananarive.
In this situation, radical ideologies such as socialism and communism found many followers among the native intellectuals.
As early as 1885, Paul de Lagarde has suggested to deport Eastern Europe's large Jewish minority to Madagascar. In 1926, Polish politicians had taken up that idea, and in 1937, Poland, being a close ally of France, sent a delegation to the island to establish the feasibility of the Madagascar and their result was disappointing.
On June 25th 1940, France surrendered to Germany. Madagascar remained loyal to the new French administration at Vichy. German officials now briefly seriously considered the Madagascar Plan as an option for the ill-described Final Solution of the Jewish Question envisaged in Hitler's "Mein Kampf".
In 1942, British and South African troops occupied Madagascar; in 1943 they handed the island's administration over to the Free French.
After World War II, both Madagascar's French and Malagasy population, were finally granted representation in the constituent assembly to the French Fourth Republic. In 1946, Madagascar was declared an overseas territory (thus ending the status of colony); the Comoro Islands were again separated from Madagascar. The MDRM (Democratic Movement of Malgache Reform) emerged as the dominant political organization.
France offered full citizenship to the Malagasy; yet the measures aimed at the assimilation of the Malagasy. The MDRM objected to this policy, and in 1947 an anti-French revolt broke out, which was suppressed. The French assimilation policy had failed. In 1956, universal adult suffrage was introduced, as well as parliamentary government. In 1960, Madagascar declared full independence.

In 1960, Madagascar became independent, now called Republique Malgache. President Tsirana pursued a pro-western policy, leaning strongly on France.
In 1972, the army staged a coup d'etat. After a military junta ruled for 3 years, the country, by now Repoblika Malagasy, was proclaimed a People's Republic. Soviet advisers were called into the country.
As a consequence of strong population growth, deforestation resulted in large-scale soil erosion. Madagascar has a distinct fauna and flora; numerous species are threatened because of their continually shrinking biotopes.

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