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First posted on July 2nd 2002, last revised on November 14th 2013

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1507-1598 . Dutch Rule, 1598-1710 . French Rule, 1715-1810 . British Rule 1810-1880 . 1880-1918 . 1918-1939 . 1939-1968 . Independence, since 1968

The Island, 1507-1598
Early visitors, the Arabs and the Portuguese (Portuguese discovery 1507), used the island belonging to the Mascarenes, together with Reunion and Rodrigues to supply their provisions, among others with the meat of the Dodo bird, easy prey for it was not accustomed to predators, and soon became extinct.

Mauritius Dutch, 1598-1710
Mauritius was uninhabited when Admiral Wybrand van Warwyck landed in 1598 and claimed it for the Dutch Republic, naming it after stadholder Prince Maurits (Maurice) of Oranje-Nassau. In 1602 the Dutch claim was transferred to the newly established V.O.C. (Dutch United East India Company), whose most valuable asset became the Spice Islands (= the Moluccas).
It turned out that Dutch sailors travelling to India suffered dfrom a disease called Beri Beri (scurvy), i.e. the lack of vitamins. In order to provide fresh vegetables on their way home, a settlement was established on Mauritius in 1638; the Dutch also introduced Sugar Plantations.
The foundation of Kaapstad (Cape Town, Cape Colony) by Jan van Riebeeck in 1652 made vitamin supply at Mauritius unnecessary; the first Dutch settlement was abandoned soon after, in 1658. Another attempt to settle was made in 1664, but in 1710 the V.O.C. finally abandoned Mauritius.

Mauritius French, 1715-1810
In 1715, Guillaume Dufresne d'Arsel landed on Mauritius, renamed the island Ile de France and claimed it for France. French settlement began in 1721. Under Governor Mahe de la Bourdonnais (1735-1746), the colony prospered and its population quickly expanded. He established the capital, Port Louis, in 1735. Sugar, cotton, indigo, coffee, manioc were cultivated for export; the governor encouraged the production of food for the consumption of the islanders. At Port Louis, ships could be repaired. In 1744 the island's first sugar mill was taken in operation. Later that century, Pierre Poivre introduced pepper cultivation to the island.
Mauritius became the principal stopover for French vessels sailing to the East Indies; under the French, the sugar plantations became profitable, at the expense of harsh conditions under which the imported slaves had to work. The island was property of the French East India Company.
To Mauritius belonged a number of further islands, Rodrigues, then Reunion, and the Seychelles, claimed for the French in 1756 by Captain Nicholas Morphy, who found them uninhabited and named the main island Mahe, after Mauritius' governor Mahe de la Bourdonnais.
In 1748, the fortress Le Reduit was built.
From 1767, the island was governed by a royal governor; in 1785 the governor of Ile de France was placed in charge of all French possessions east of the Cape. In 1790 the administration of Mauritius greeted news of the French Revolution; when they were told of the abolition of slavery in 1793 (in French India), they refused to accept the new governor and, in defiance of the current French government, held out until 1803 (a time, by which slavery had been reintroduced). Yet, it was via Mauritius that Tippoo Sultan of Mysore had communicated with France, requesting military aid against the English, which again launched Napoleon's Egyptian campaign and his plan to further proceed to India.
Governor Charles Decaen (1803-1810) introduced the Code Napoleon and established the Lycee Colonial (later renamed Royal College). In 1810, Ile de France was taken by an English fleet; in 1815, France ceded the island, now again called Mauritius, to Britain.

Mauritius British, 1810-1880
The Mauritian coat of arms includes the inscription stella clavisque maris indicio (star and key of the Indian Ocean), and it was the island's strategic importance which made it a desirable possession for the British. In 1810, the British Navy occupied the Isle de France. At the Vienna Congress (1813-1815), France formally ceded the island to Britain. The British renamed it Mauritius. In 1825 a Council of Government was introduced, all members of whom were appointed. The abolition of slavery in 1834 had a strong impact on the plantation economy, already suffering under declining sugar prices. To replace the workforce, indentured workers were brought in from India, and later, in smaller numbers, from China.
Mauritius gained world fame for 2 stamps issued in 1847, an orange 1 penny and a blue 2 pence stamp. Only about a dozen of each still exist, making the Blue Mauritius one of the most prized objects of philately.
From 1864 onward, steamships of the Union steamship line regularly stopped at Port Louis, from 1872 onward joined by steamships of the Castle line (both companies later merged). The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 had an impact on Mauritius, as fewer ships took he route from Asia around the Cape, and thus fewer ships called at Port Louis.

Mauritius British, 1880-1918
In 1886, Mauritius' constitution was amended, resulting in the inclusion of elected representatives into the Council of Government (est. 1825). The population continued to increase and reached ca. 370,000 by 1900.
In 1888, separate administrative councils were established for Mauritius and the Seychelles; in 1903 the Seychelles were separated from Mauritius and declared a separate colony. In 1893 Mauritius was connected to the outside world by sea cable (telegraph).

Mauritius British, 1918-1939
The franchise was restricted to property owners, which originally ensured that only whites, mostly plantation owners could vote and be represented in the island's Executive and Legislative Council. Some members of the island's Indian community, which had come into the country as indentured workers in the later 19th century, began to get politically organized, as did the island's Creole community. In 1936 the population numbered 399,878, of whom 131,667 were referred to as the 'general population' (Europeans, Chinese, persons of mixed descent) and 268,211 Indians; population of Mauritius' dependencies 10,952. The currency was the Indian Rupee. English and French were both used as official languahes; the Code Napoleon provided the basic law. The main export product was cane sugar; other export-oriented industries/cultures included the production of aloe fibres, coconut, coffee, tobacco, tea and vanilla cultures. The majority of the population was Roman Catholic. The South and East African Year Book and Guide (1949 p.1041) states : "The war with Germany happily has onliterated the few traces of aloofness between the two white races".

Mauritius British, 1939-1968
1584 Jews who had been denied entry to Palestine were detained on Mauritius from 1940 to 1945. In 1948, a new constitution was adopted, introducing universal adult suffrage. The Council of Government was replaced by a Legislative Council, with a majority of elected members and a minority of members nominated by the governor.
In 1961, Seewoosagur Ramgoolam was elected the country's first indigenous chief minister. He continued to serve as prime minister after independence, until 1982.
In 1964 Port Louis was elevated to the status of a city. In 1968, Mauritius was proclaimed independence and adopted a new constitution. The country joined the British Commonwealth of Nations.

Mauritius Independent, since 1968
In 1968, Mauritius proclaimed independence. The country remained within the Commonwealth of Nations; Queen Elizabeth nominally was head of state, represented on Mauritius by a Governor General. The most important political position, however, was that of the Prime Minister. In 1992 Mauritius proclaimed the republic. Now, the country's head of state is a president.
Mauritius' recent history is characterized by a remarkable political stability. Prime minister Seewoosagur Ramgoolam ruled from 1968 to 1982, his successor Anerood Jugnauth from 1982 to 1995.
The country experiences strong population growth. The majority of the population is very poor. In recent years, the manufacturing economy (textiles) is growing; tourism is a major industry.
As a result of colonial history, the dominant languages are Mauritien (a Creole language strongly influenced by French) and Bhojipuri (from India); the dominant religion is Hinduism. The island Rodrigues, located ca. 700 km to the east, belongs to Mauritius.

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Students' Papers : Lee, Si-eun : History of Indian and Chinese Coolies and their Descendants (2008)

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