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Literature on the History of East Africa
Mauritius Seychelles
First posted on July 2nd 2002, last revised on November 7th 2010

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1642-1814 . 1814-1946 . 1946-1973 . since 1973

Isle de Bourbon, 1642-1814
Early visitors, the Arabs and the Portuguese (Portuguese discovery 1635), used the island belonging to the Mascarenes, together with Mauritius and Rodrigues to supply their provisions. Reunion was uninhabited until settled by the French in 1642, as a Penal Colony. Later it became possession of the French East India Company; a plantation economy was introduced, Coffee the main crop, slaves from Africa introduced. Saint Denis, the island's capital, was the main stopover for French vessels sailing from Europe to India and vice versa until the French took possession of Mauritius, abandoned by the Dutch, in 1715.
In 1700, with a French Bourbon claiming the Spanish crown, French piracy in the Caribbean was no more suitable. French pirates moved on to Reunion, from where they sailed out to prey on merchant ships coming from India and China.
In 1810, a British fleet took the island; the British returned Reunion, as it was called since the French Revolution, to France in 1814 as a compensation for France's cession of Mauritius.

Reunion, 1814-1946
In 1814, Britain, which had occupied Reunion in 1810, returned the island to French administration. Piracy was no more an option, as the British held nearby Mauritius and controlled the world's oceans. The cultivation of coffee had become unprofitable; Sugar Cane became the major plantation crop. In 1814 France annexed Tromelin Island; the uninhabited island was administrated from Reunion.
The abolition of slavery in 1848 posted a major obstacle, as the workforce had to be replaced. For this purpose, indentured workers were brought in from India, later from French Indochina.
Reunion began issuing stamps in 1852 and continued to do so until 1946, when it became an Overseas Departement.
The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 had a detrimental effect on Reunion's economy, as French merchant vessels sailing from France to India, Indochina and East Asia did not call at the port of St. Denis any more.

Reunion, 1946-1973
In 1946, Reunion was declared an Overseas Department of France, thus ceased to be a colony. The island is represented in France's parliament. When France introduced a currency reform in 1959, the old currency was continued on Reunion as elsewhere in France's African possessions. French stamps used on Reunion were overprinted with a value in CFA (French African Francs); only in 1967 was the New Franc currency introduced in Reunion. In 1968, a number of uninhabited islands - Bassas da India, Europa, Juan de Nova and the Iles Glorieuses, located to the west resp. north of Madagascar, were placed under the administration of Reunion. These islands had been French since 1892/1897.

Reunion since 1973
A French overseas department since 1946, the population of Reunion felt dominated by France's traditionally centralist administration. In 1973 the island was declared an Administative Region, which meant it was granted a degree of political autonomy within the French Republic. The island assembly is called Conseil General, has 47 members ; elections are held every 6 years.

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