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First posted on July 2nd 2002, last revised on November 12th 2013

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until 1896 . 1896-1916 . 1916-1962 . Since 1962
see also Ruanda-Urundi 1916-1962

Precolonial History, until 1896
The territory of modern Rwanda was first inhabited by the Twa (Pygmees). The Bantu Hutu immigrated in the 11th century, the Tutsi pastoralists in the 15th century. The Tutsi adopted the Hutu language of Kinyarwanda. The Kingdom of Nyiginya expanded to form the Tutsi Kingdom of Rwanda in the late 18th century; the king ruled under the title of Mwami. His successors continued to rule until 1931/1960. In 1860, the Kingdom of Rwanda was first mentioned by John Speke.

Colonial History, 1896-1962
German rule, 1896-1916
In an agreements with Britain (Uganda) Germany achieved the Kingdom of Rwanda to fall into the German sphere of interest.
Dr. Oscar Baumann was the first German to visit Rwanda in 1892, soon to be followed by Graf von Götzen in 1894, who travelled the country extensively. In 1896, King Musinga recognized the German protectorate. In 1900, the Peres Blancs (White Fathers) established their first mission in Rwanda. Until 1907, the Germans administrated Rwanda as part of the military district of Tanganyika-Kivu; in 1907, the Germans established a military command at Kigali which they selected as capital. In 1911 Belgium and Germany signed a treaty on the border between German East Africa (Rwanda) and the Belgian Congo; Rwanda gained in the west. The Germans treated the Kingdom of Rwanda as a protectorate, interfering little in its internal affairs (indirect rule). The kingdom of Rwanda already had a relatively centralized administration. Christian mission began during the period of German colonialism.

Belgian rule, 1916-1962
In 1916, Belgian troops from the Belgian Congo invaded German East Africa, occupying both Rwanda and Burundi. In the Treaty of Versailles, all German colonies were taken from it. In 1920, the League of Nations transferred Rwanda and Burundi as mandated territory to Belgium.
During the Belgian occupation, a number of outlying Hutu kingdoms were annexed to the Kingdom of Rwanda : Bugama-Kiganda 1916, Cyingogo 1916, Bushiru 1919/1925/1938, Bwanamwari 1919, Buhoma 1924, Bukonya 1931, Kibari 1931, Rwankeri 1931, Ruhengeri (date unknown).
In 1922, the Belgians created the colony of Ruanda-Urundi (administrated as an annex to the Belgian Congo). Yet, they left both kingdoms, Rwanda and Burundi, intact, and established administrations in which the real authority lay with the Belgian officials 'advising' the king. In 1922, Rwanda was separated from the apostolic vicariate of Kivu, turned into a separate vicariate.
While under the Germans, Rwanda, regarded a remote outpost, had received little attention, the Belgians intensifyed colonial administration. The elite was educated in French, drawing the country into the circle of francophone countries. Catholic mission, begun under the Germans, was intensifyed. Coffee was introduced as a crop in 1918.
In 1926-1931, the Belgians undertook an administrative reform, reducing c. 200 chieftaincies to c.40; they treated Tutsi preferentially when it came to the appointment of chiefs (Tutsification), because the latter were regarded of a higher, more intelligent race, a race of 'naturally born leaders'. In 1931, King Musinga was deposed by the Belgians; he was succeeded by regents appointed by the Belgians. In 1942 and 1943, during World War II, Rwanda suffered a famine in which about 300,000 persons perished (out of a total population of c.2,000,000).
In 1946, Rwanda became a UN mandate. Constitutional changes were made to assure the native population with political representation. The minority TUTSI managed to dominate positions in the army, administration and economy; this lead to Hutu (who form 85 % of the population) resentment, which turned into civil unrest.
In 1954, Regent Mutara III Rudahigwa decreed the abolition of feudalism.
In 1959, Belgium declared a state of emergency and sent troops in from Belgian Congo, to calm down the situation. After elections held in 1960, a republican government was formed, the monarchy terminated. In 1962, Rwanda was released into independence.

Independence, since 1962
Rwanda proclaimed independence in 1962. The monarchy had been abolished in 1961. The new republic suffered under continuing antagonism between the traditionally dominating minority Tutsi (15 %) and the majority Hutu (85 %). The country's recent political history is notoriously instable. Coups (1973), mass emigrations (Tutsis 1962, 1964), civil wars (1990, 1994), massacres (1993, 1994). When Rwanda became independent in 1962, Gregoire Kayibanda, head of the Parmehutu party, formed the first government. Thousands of Tutsi fealt threatened and left the country. The Hutu-Tutsi conflict remained a major issue in Rwandan politics; the exile Tutsi established themselves across the Ugandan border. France aided the Hutu government. In 1994, President Juvenal Habyarimana, a moderate Hutu, was killed; radical Hutus took over government and radical Hutus organized a systematic massacre of Tutsis as well as moderate Hutus, of hitherto unknown proportion (estimates range between 0.8 and 1.05 million deaths). The exile Tutsis, from their base camps in Uganda, invaded and quickly defeated the Hutus; now, many Hutus fled the country into Zaire, where refugee camps such as Goma were established.
A new government under Paul Kagame brought stability and economic progress to the country. Hutu extremists (Rwandese exiles) undertook operations against Kagame's Rwanda, to which Rwanda's military responded by interfering in the Democratic Republic of Congo's civil war.

Historical Atlas, Rwanda Page

Students' Paper : Sung Ji Yun, History of Nutrition in East Africa (2012)

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