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Literature on the History of East Africa
Mauritius Reunion
First posted on July 2nd 2002, last revised on November 21st 2013

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17561814 . 1814-1903 . 1903-1976 . since 1976

The Seychelles were uninhabited when French Captain Nicholas Morphy claimed them for France in 1756. Frenchman Lazare Picault had visited the island in 1742, and named the main island Mahe, after the governor of Mauritius, Mahe de la Bourdonnais. The island group was named after Victomte Moreau de Seychelles, Controller General of the Finances under King Louis XV.
In 1768 the French settled the island, which remained subordinate to the governor of Mauritius. They introduced a plantation economy and slave labour (1771). The Seychelles also served as a place to banish political prisoners of status, such as the Dauphin, Louis XVII.
During the Napoleonic Wars, a British fleet arrived at Mahe in 1794. They declared the islands occupied and placed Frenchman Jean Baptiste Queau de Quinssy in charge.

In 1814, France ceded Mauritius with the Seychelles to Britain. The British left Jean Baptiste Queau de Qunissy, who now spelled his name de Quincy, in charge (until 1827). In 1888, a separate Administrative Council was established for the Seychelles. In 1897 the administrator of the Seychelles assum,ed the powers of a colonial governor, and in 1903 the Seychelles were declared a separate Crown Colony.
The plantation economy meanwhile has been affected by the abolition of slavery in 1834.
The British used the Seychelles as a place to banish political priosoners of status, such as King Prempeh of the Ashanti (Gold Coast) and Archbishop Makarios of Nicosia, later President of Cyprus.

In 1903, the Seychelles, with the Aldabra Islands, were declared a Crown Colony. In 1908, Coetivity was annexed (hitherto to Mauritius), in 1922 the Farquhar Islands (hitherto to Mauritius).
The capital was Victoria, located on Mahe.
In 1948 a constitutional reform gave the voting right to adults who owned property. They elected the members of a Legislative Council, which was to advise the governor.
In 1965, Britain separated the Isles Desroches, the Aldabra and Farquhar Islands from the Seychelles, incorporating them into the British Indian Ocean Territory.
In 1967, Universal Adult Suffrage was introduced. In 1970 a government was established, responsible for internal matters. In 1975, Self-Government was granted, in 1976 independence proclaimed. The Iles Desroches, Aldabra and Farquhar Islands were returned to the Seychelles.

since 1976
The Seychelles proclaimed independence in 1976. The constitution is that of a Republic, with a president and a prime minister. The Seychelles are a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. In Creole, it is called Republik Sesel.
The political history of the tiny republic was turbulent; there was a coup in 1977, the constitution suspended and one-party-rule introduced in 1979; a couple of attempts to oust President Rene failed. Parliamentary democracy was reestablished in 1993.

In 1756 France / the French East India Compagny took possession of the Seychelles; in 1811 Britain. In 1903 the Seychelles were turned into a separate crown colony; until then, under the French as well as under the British, it had been a dependency of Mauritius. In 1976 the Seychelles were released into independence.

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