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Somalia Djibouti
First posted on July 2nd 2002, last revised on November 14th 2013

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Precolonial Era, 16th century to 1884
In the 16th century, Zeila (Saylac) on the Gulf of Aden was a trading center offering goods such as coffee, ostrich feathers, Ethiopian slaves etc.; it became the center of the Muslim Sultanate of Awdal (Adal), which was the nemesis of the christian Amharic kingdom of Abyssinia (Ethiopia). In the later 16th century, Abyssinia, aided by the Portuguese, expanded at the expense of Awdal, which by 1660 had disintegrated. The port of Zeila meanwhile had been commercially overtaken by Berbera.
In 1854 Richard Burton travelled into the hinterland of the Somali coast, observing the independence of Harar. In 1855, at Berbera, his party was attacked. The British authorities in Aden sent a punitive expedition to Berbera, a blockade against the port implemented; in 1856 a trade treaty with Berbera was signed, the blockade lifted.
In 1866, the Ottoman Empire transferred her ports on the western shore of the Red Sea - Suakin and Massawa to the Khedive of Egypt. In 1870 the Egyptian flag was hoisted at Bulhar and Berbera; Egyptian authority was recognized all along the southwestern coast of the Red Sea, down to Cape Gardafui on the Indian Ocean. In 1884, with the Mahdi Rebellion ongoing in the Egyptian Sudan, the Egyptian troops were withdrawn from the Somaliland region.

British Protectorate, 1884-1960
After the departure of Egyptian troops (1884), the British acquired treaties from local chiefs asking for British protection (1884-1886). A British source from 1920 states that in order to prevent Somaliland from being annexed by another power, it was partitioned between Britain, Italy and Abyssinia.
The protectorate over British Somaliland was proclaimed in 1884; The protectorate's main importance for Britain lay in it's strategic location, close to the Bab el Mandeb - the entrance into the Red Sea. It was first administered from Aden.
In 1887, Somaliland was placed under the Indian Office; in 1898 it was transferred to the Colonial Office. Berbera was selected as the seat of administration. In 1888 an Anglo-French agreement was signed delimiting the British and French spheres of influence on the northern Somali coast.
In 1920, the population was estimated at 300,000, mostly nomadic Somali; in the coastal towns there were communities of Arabs and Indians; the dominant religion was Islam. The currency used was the Indian Rupee. The protectorate's revenue covered for only a fraction of it's expenses, and had to be heavily subsidized by Britain.
Soon the British found that the area was more difficult to control than expected. They faced determined resistance organized by Muhammad Abdullah Hasau, nicknamed the Mad Mullah. After British operations undertaken in 1901-1904, a peaceful settlement was reached in 1905. In August 1913 the Camel Constabulary, a force of 150 men, was routed by c. 2,000 armed dervishes at Dulmadoba; the Camel Constabulary lost half their men, including the commander. Resistance only was broken in 1920 when the British made use of the Royal Airforce. Muhammad Abdullah fled to Ethiopia, where he died in 1921.
When World War I ended in Europe in November 1918, Britain still faced the determined resistance of Muhammad Abdilla Hasau's (the 'Mad Mullah's) Somalis. Britain employed the Royal Air Force to attack his capital. Hasau died in 1920, and the rebellion collapsed with his death.
The British moved the capital from coastal Berbera to continental Hargeysa, with a more favourable climate.
Economically, the protectorate saw little development; it's major function was to supply meat to the colony of Aden. There was no white immigration, no plantation economy, no railway construction. British Somaliland economically was outperformed by neighbouring Italian Somalia.
In 1937 the native population of British Somaliland was estimated at 344,700, the non-native population given at 2,688, of whom only 68 were Europeans. Governor from 1935 to 1939 was Sir A.S. Lawrence.
In June 1940, Italy entered World War II on the side of the Axis powers. British Somaliland, surrounded by Italian colonies and with few British troops present to defend itself, quickly fell to Italian invading forces (August 1940). In 1941, British and South African troops invaded Italian East Africa from Kenya, the Sudan and Aden; the Italian colonial troops surrendered that year. British Somaliland was liberated by an expedition from Aden in March 1941; the protectorate then was placed under military administration, military governors Brigadier A.R. Chater (1941-1943), Brigadier G.T. Fisher (1943-1948). In 1948 the protectorate was returned to civilian administration.
In 1948 there were noexecutive or legislative councils in the protectorate; the governor exclusively exercised administrative authority. Both the Indian rupee and the East African shilling were used; there were no banks in the protectorate. In 1960, the British protectorate was terminated and independence declared. The country then quickly merged with neighbouring, formerly Italian Somalia.

Part of Somalia, 1960-1991
Soon after (Italian) Somalia and (British) Somaliland proclaimed independence, both merged to form the United Republic of Somalia. It's capital was Mogadishu; the larger, formerly Italian south dominated politically and economically.
As part of Greater Somalia, Somaliland was part of the wars with Ethiopia over the Ogaden, of the subsequent refugee crisis. When long-term dictator Siad Barre was toppled in 1991, Somalia quickly disintegrated in petty regions controlled by warlords. Somalia came into the center of the world's attention, when UN troops invaded Somalia to ensure the safety of humanitarian organizations trying to provide the famine-stricken population with food.

Independence, since 1991
In 1991, Somaliland in the north declared independence (as the Republic of Adal), an independence which so far is not recognized internationally.


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