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Literature on the History of East Africa
First posted on November 28th 2011

Emergence of Swahili Culture . Around 1000 AD, East Africa got integrated in the Indian Ocean trade. Mercants from Arabia, Persia, India settled in places on the East African coast or adjacent islands, where they were joined by local Africans. Here an urban civilization centered on trade emerged, which was Muslim by religion, proud of its Arab heritage, yet distinctly African, speaking Kiswahili language - an African language using many Arab and Persian loanwords. This Swahili culture emerged on the coast of modern Tanzania and spread from there, both in northerly and southerly direction.
Swahili cities were connected by caravan routes (human carriers, as diseases carried by the tsetse tly killed off beasts of burden) with the East African hinterland. These caravans brought ivory, rubber, copper (Katangan crosses) and African slaves. Swahili ships (dhows) brought these items to ports on the Indian Ocean; the most important market was India. Through Sofala, gold from the inland Kingdom of Mutapa (Monomotapa) reached the coast.

Political History . By the time of the Arrival of the Portuguese (1498) the Sultanate of Kilwa covered the entire Swahili Coast. The Portuguese sacked Kilwa in 1505 and took control of most important ports along the Swahili coast. While the Portuguese were ousted from Kilwa in 1512, the city had lost its dominant position. The Portuguese were ousted from their strongholds in Mombasa, Malindi and Zanzibar in 1698, by the Sultanate of Oman; the Portuguese held on to the southern chain of Swahili cities (Mozambique, Quelimane, Sofala). In 1841 the Sultanate of Zanzibar was formed of the African possessions of the Sultanate of Oman.
Britain, in an effort to both break the Dutch monopoly on trade in certain spices, and to provide Zanzibar with an alternative source of revenue (to the slave trade), introduced the cultivation of cloves in the mid-19th century; hence Zanzibar and neighbouring islands are also called "spice islands". In 1885/1886 Britain and Germany agreed on the partitioning of Zanzibar's mainland possessions - British East Africa (Kenya) and German East Africa. France established a protectorate over the Comoro islands<; in 1890 Zanzibar (with Pemba) became a British protectorate.

Spelling Varieties
Swahili : Soahili, Suaheli etc.
Kilwa : Quiloa
The Swahili mainland, in historic sources, is often referred to as Zanguebar

Students' Paper : Sung Ji Yun, History of Nutrition in East Africa (2012)

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