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Literature on the History of East Africa
Eritrea Somalia
First posted on February 21st 2009, last revised on May 14th 2009

First mentioned in the 12th century.
1720 : France and Sultanate of Tadjoura signd a first commercial treaty
1840 : British East India Company concluded treaty with Sultan of Tadjoura, which allowed the British to use the port facilities at Tadjoura.
1859 : Frenchman Henri Lambert assassinated at Tadjoura.
1862 : France, in a treaty, granted the right to use the facilities of the port of Tadjoura.
1884 : Sultan of Tadjoura accepted establishment of French Protectorate (Territoires Françaises d'Obock, Tadjoura, Danakils et Somalis)
1888 : Several French protectorates in the area merged to Protectorate of the French Somali Coast.
1889 : Slavery in Sultanate of Tadjoura abolished.
1894-1917 : Construction of railroad connecting Djibouti with Addis Ababa; Tadjoura, hitherto leading trading port, lost out to Djibouti
1896 : France recognized the Order Nichan el Anouar (created in 1887 by Sultan of T.) as French Colonial Order

Historic Encyclopedia Entries : Adal 1854-1885

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General Histories H.W. Harris, The Highlands of Ethiopia, vol.1 (1844), posted on Internet Archive; Chap. VI: Cast anchor at Tajura on the African coast. Chap. VII: Reception of the Embassy by the Sultan of the seaport, and return visit to His Highness. Chap. VIII: Tajura, " The city of the Slave Merchant".
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