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Literature on the History of East Africa
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First posted on July 2nd 2002, last revised on November 12th 2013

For the country's earlier history, see Tanganyika before 1815 , Tanganyika 1815-1886 , History of the Swahili Coast, History of German East Africa,
History of Tanganyika, History of Zanzibar
Tanzania since 1964

Tanzania since 1964
In 1961, Tanganyika was proclaimed independent. Jilius Nyerere became the country's first president. Soon after the British Protectorate of Zanzibar was proclaimed independent, its democratically elected government was ousted by an armed coup, the Sultan forced into exile, many of the island's Arab inhabitants jailed (many others left the country) and the island merged with Tanganyika, to form the state of Tanzania.
The new Republic of Tanzania was dominated by Tanganyika, the capital Daressalaam. Tanganyika/Tanzania became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and joined the East Arican Common Services (KUT, Kenya-Uganda-Tanzania) in 1961, upgraded into the East African Community in 1967. It began to fail in 1972 and disintegrated in 1977. In 1966, the East African Currency Union was dissolved; Tanzania introduced a national currency, the Tanzanian Shilling.
Nyerere pursued a philosophy of African socialism called Ujamaa, defined in the Arusha Declaration of 1967. In countryside Tanzania, the village rather than the individual was to own land and to make decisions according to its use. Tanzania declared the Serengeti a national park; Tourism became a major source of income.
In 1967 the East African Currency Union was established, the currency being the East African Shilling. It functioned until 1977.
Zanzibar, with it's economic history as a trading country, pursued an economic policy of its own, often in confrontation with national policy. In 1972, the governor of Zanzibar, Abeid Amani Karume, was assassinated.
In 1975, plans to move the capital to Dodoma were announced. Actually, capital functions today are shared by Daressalaam and Dodoma.
In 1978, Ugandan forces under notorious dictator Idi Amin occupied Tanzanian territory in the northeast, Uganda annexing 700 square miles of Tanzanian territory. In 1979, Tanzanian troops invaded Uganda and toppled Idi Amin, installing a new government. The Tanzanian troops quickly withdrew. The East African Community collapsed over these tensions in 1977.

Since independence, the population of Tanzania has more than doubled. The economic development was seriously affected by the oil crisis of the 1970es, as well as by a drop in world market prices for plantation crops. Tanzania economically lags behind its northern, non-socialist neighbours Kenya and Uganda.
There is a separatist organization seeking the independence of Zanzibar & Pemba.

for earlier history, see Tanganyika, Zanzibar

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Students' Paper : Sung Ji Yun, History of Nutrition in East Africa (2012)

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