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Sources on the History of East Asia . Sources on the History of Northeast Asia .
First posted on November 22nd 2006, last revised on November 18th 2008

For the Years prior to 1945, see History of Korea

Timeline History of East Asia (more general)
Historical Dictionary East Asia (general)
Biographies : East Asia (general)

Students' Paper : Lee, Seung Ho, Historiography of Yi Sun Sin and Artificial Embodiment Within (2010)

Country Profiles from BBC News, from World Desk Reference, from Nations Encyclopedia, from CIA World Factbook, click Korea, North; from Wikipedia
Library of Congress, Country Studies : North Korea
Links, General from Library of Congress, Portals to the World, from BUBL (on Korea in general); from dmoz; from Korean Studies Internet Resources at Richard C. Rudolph East Asian Library, UCLA; Links on Korea (chapter on K. History) from Univ. Oregon, Asian Studies; List of Korea-related topics, from Wikipedia
Virtual Library North Korea, maintained at Duke
North Korea Studies
Links, on History from Korean Studies Internet Resources; from Univ. Oregon, Asian Studies
Historical Dictionaries Thesaurus of Korean Historical Terms, from NIKH
Historical Maps Korea Maps, from PCL, UTexas
North and South Korea, from Asian Linguistic Maps
Timelines from Korea in the Eyes of the Tiger, very detailed, in the context of Asian (Chinese) history
from www.timelines.ws : North Korea (for period 1912-2006); from BBC News
Chronologie Coree, from Clio, in French
Accounts of History History of Korea, from Life in Korea, 5 chapters; from Asian Info
Korea in theEye of the Tiger
Article History of North Korea, from Wikipedia; from Crime and Society. A Comparative Criminology Tour of the World
Historiography North Korea Studies, click on History
Politics Political Resources on the Net : North Korea; Governments on the WWW : Korea. Democratic People's Republic of; Article Politics of North Korea, from Wikipedia
Concentration Camps Today : North Korea, from ATTAC
North Korea : The Party System in 1950-1955 and 1956-1962, in : Kenneth Janda, Political Parties : A Cross-National Survey
North Korea Profile, from International Crisis Group
Military Wars of Korea, from ACED
Category Wars of Korea, from Wikipedia
Economy & Finances A Global History of Currencies : Korea
Article Economy of North Korea, from Wikipedia
Ethnography Languages of North Korea, from Ethnologue
Minorities at Risk, Korea - Honamese
Country Report : North Korea, from U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (Reports 1997-2004)
World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples : North Korea
Religion Chronology of Catholic Dioceses : Korea, from Kirken i Norge
Category Religion in Korea, from Wikipedia
Catholic Church in DPRK, from GCatholic
History of Regions
History of Cities History of Pyongyang, from Wikipedia
Kaesong, from Kaesong
History of Wonsan, from Wikipedia
Structures, Institutions North Korea, from Airline History
Structurae : North Korea; Search Lighthouse Depot for Korea
Bibliography Bibliography : Korean History, from CKS, UHawaii; click History Index
Korean Bibliography, from Library of Congress
Bibliographie Coreenne. Liste des ouvrages traitant de la Coree en langue française [Korean Bibliography. List of works treating Korea in the French language], posted by the Books Bureau of the French Embassy, Seoul, 2004
Korean Bibliography, from Monumenta Altaica, in Russian
Datenbasis Internationale Beziehungen und Länderkunde (Data Base on International Relations and Country Studies), keywords Korea, Nordkorea, North Korea (site in German, most titles listed in English; hundreds of entries; publications mostly since 1970)
Others Korea, from Tram Views of Asia
Disaster History by Country : DPR Korea, from Relief Web
Crime and Society : A Comparative Criminology Tour of the World : North Korea
Palearctic Ecoregion, from WWF
Peter Hayes, Unbearable Legacies: The Politics of Environmental Degradation in North Korea - See more at: http://japanfocus.org/-peter-hayes/3233#sthash.siO9YP2X.dpuf, The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol. 41-2-09, October 12th, 2009
Biographies List of People of Korean Descent, from Wikipedia

Lists of Statesmen from World Statesmen (B. Cahoon); from Rulers (B. Schemmel); from World Rulers (E. Schulz)
Lists of Ambassadors Chinese Ambassadors to the D.P.R.K., from PRC MOFA; Liste der Deutschen Botschafter in Pjöngjang (Nordkorea), from Wikipedia German edition
Population Figures North Korea, from Population Statistics
Population of Cities : North Korea, from City Population
Image Databanks Systematic Collections
Systematic Collections
IMCOM Korea, Korean War Historical Images
Accidental Collections
Oriental Collections
Items on North Korea
AGSL Digital Photo Archive : Asia and Middle East
Asian Historical Architecture, a Photographic Survey
Universal Collections
Items on North Korea
Naval Historical Center (U.S.), Photos : The Korean War
Document Collections Links, from UWashington Library
Documents : Korea, from CEAS, from UCLA Center for East Asian Studies
Historical Documents, posted by ICAS
Documents on the Korean War, posted by Vincent Ferraro, Mt. Holyoke; others posted by Steve Carroll
Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
Peace Agreements Digital Collection : North Korea - South Korea, from United States Institute of Peace
Wilson Center Digital Archive : 1988 Seoul Olympic Games includes documents on North Korea's attempt to co-host, Captured North Korean Documents, China and the Korean War, China-North Korea Relations, Conversations with Kim Il Sung, Demise of Detente in Korea, 1973-1975, Inter-Korean Competition, 1961-1970, Inter-Korean Dialogue, 1971-1972, Inter-Korean Dialogue, 1977-1980, Inter-Korean Relations, Inter-Korean Relations after the War, 1954-1961, Japan and the Korean Peninsula, Korea at the United Nations, Korean War Armistice, Korean War Origins 1945-1950 documents ranging from 1949 to 1950, Korean War 1950-1953 mostly from Russian archives, North Korea and the Radical American Left, North Korea August 1956 Plenum Incident, North Korea's First Five Year Plan, 1957-1961, North Korean Military Adventurism, North Korean Nuclear History, Northern Limit Line Dispute, Repatriation to North Korea, Soviet Union-North Korea Relations, The "Second" Korean War, 1967-1969, The Two Koreas and the Third World, The Two Koreas and the Vietnam War, United States-North Korea Relations, USS Pueblo Crisis
Individual Documents UN General Assembly 3rd Session 1948-1949, Resolution No.195; 4th Session 1949-1950, Resolution No.293; 5th Session 1950-1951, Resolution No.376, 384, 410, 483, 498, 500, 6th Session 1951-1952, Resolution No,507, 574
7th Session 1952-1953, Resolution No.610, 661, 701, 705, 711, 712; 8th Session 1953-1954, Resolution No.716, 725, 767, 804; 9th Session 1954-1955, Resolution No.811, 828, 880, 908; 10th Session 1955-1956, Resolution No.910, 920, 965, 977; 11th Session 1956-1957, Resolution No.1010, 1020, 1082; 12th Session 1957-1958, Resolution No.1159, 1171, 1180; 13th Session 1958-1959, Resolution No.1264, 1268, 1304; 14th Session 1959-1960, Resolution No.1433, 1455; 15th Session 1960-1961, Resolution No.1547; 16th Session 1961-1962, Resolution No.1740, 17th Session 1962-1963, Resolution No.1855, 18th Session 1963-1964, Resolution No.1964, 20th Session 1965-1966, Resolution No.2132, 21st Session 1966-1967, Resolution No.2224, 22nd Session 1967-1968, Resolution No.2269, 23rd Session 1968-1969, Resolution No.2466, 24th Session 1969-1970, Resolution No.2516, 25th Session 1970-1971, Resolution No.2668, 29th Session 1974-1975, Resolution No.3333, 30th Session 1975-1976, Resolution No.3390, 46th Session 1991-1992, Resolution 46/1, 55th Session 2000-2001, Resolution 55/11, 60th Session 2005-2006, Resolution 60/173 (DPRK), 61st Session 2006-2007, Resolution 61/174 (DPRK), 62nd Session 2007-2008, Resolution 62/5, 62/167 DPRK)
Online Newspapers links from Online Newspapers, from World Newspapers
Documentaries Search Internet Archive's Moving Image Archive for North Korea
Election Results from Psephos; from IFES Election Guide, since 1998
Archives, Musea, Libraries Tentative Lists : DPRK; World Heritage List, scroll down for DPRK; from UNESCO World Heritage
DPRK Index, from Showcaves
National Symbols Flag of the Republic of Korea, from FOTW; Coat of Arms, from Wikipedia, National Anthem, from National Anthems.Net
Coins, Banknotes from World Currency Gallery, Ron Wise's World Paper Money, from Zeno
Others License Plates, from License Plates of the World, from Francoplaque
Airline Timetable Images : Korea (Democratic People's Republic)

Bibliographies general Search ISBN Database
on DPRK survey of bibliographies
bibliographic database
general bibliographies Courant, Bibliographie coreenne: tableau litteraire de la Coree vol.1 1894, vol.2 1895, IA
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pp.185-210 in I.J. Kim, Historical Dictionary of North Korea, Lanham Md : Scarecrow 2003 [G]
Chung/Ganse, Bibliography of Western Language Publications on Korea 1588-1950, Seoul : Myongji UP 2008 [G]
annual bibliographies
specialist bibliographies
serial publications
general bibliographies
DPRK entries
Online Journals East Asia Journals, from ELIN-NIAS; North Korea Journals, from ELIN-NIAS
Search Parameters, US Army War College Quarterly 1971- for Korea
Asia Insights, from NIAS, 2002-
Asian Perspectives, 2003-
IIAS Newsletter, 1993-2003
General Accounts
Specific Periods
Bibliographies Sung-hwa Cheong and Alexander Ganse, Bibliography of Western Language Publications on Korea 1588-1950, Seoul : Myongji UP 2008 [G]
New Asia Books : Korea
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