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Sources on the History of East Asia . Sources on the History of Northeast Asia .
First posted on November 21st 2006, last revised on January 21st 2014

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1945-1948 : North Korea, South Korea
since 1948 : DPRK, ROK

KMLA Students Papers on Korean History (until 1945) :
Lyu, Seungin, History of Water-Power in Korea, in Comparison with China and Europe (2013)
You, In Sun, Analysis of Decline of East-Asian Medicine - Where should Traditional Medicine in Korea (ROK) Head ? (2011)
Lee, Seung Ho, Historiography of Yi Sun Sin and Artificial Embodiment Within (2010)
Choi, Jeong Hoon, Impact of Climate Change in East Asian History (2009)
Cho, Yeon Ju, History of Textiles in East Asia (2009)
Koo, Do Heon, The Appearance of the Kitchen in Last 200 Years : The Kitchen of Europe and Korea (2009)
Kim, Young Yoon, Posthumous Appointment to Gov. Positions in Korean History (2009)
Park, Keuk Ryul, Sino-Korean Relations as Portrayed in European Encyclopedias 1771-1930 (2009)
Park, Il Heon, A Condensed Account of the History of Chinese and Korean Communism and the United States China Policy in the years 1921-1959 (2008)
Lee, Jun Oh, History of Conflict Between Korean Oriental Medical Science and Western Medical Science (2008)
Shin Hi Jung, Foreign Perspectives of Joseon Religion and Women from 1876 to 1905, Spring 2006

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Country Profiles Current for North respectively South Korea, see respective country index pages
from Wikipedia
Historical Etats Tributaires de la Chine : De la Coree, pp.340-353 in vol.1 of J.B. Grosier, De la Chine: ou Description generale de cet empire, 1818, in French, GB
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Links General Links on Korea (chapter on K. History) from Univ. Oregon, Asian Studies; List of Korea-related topics, from Wikipedia
on History from Korean Studies Internet Resources; from Univ. Oregon, Asian Studies
Organizations International Association of Historians of Asia (IAHA)
The International Center for East Asian Archaeology and Cultural History (ICEAACH)
Finnish University Network for East and Southeast Asian Studies
Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea
Historical Dictionary Thesaurus of Korean Historical Terms, from NIKH
B. Koto, A catalogue of the Romanized geographical names of Korea 1903, IA
F.P. Smith, A vocabulary of proper names, in Chinese and English, of places, persons, tribes, and sects, in China, Japan, Corea, Annam, Siam, Burmah, the Straits and adjacent countries 1870, IA
K-Developedia, Overview of Korea's development experience
Timelines from Korea in the Eyes of the Tiger, very detailed, in the context of Asian (Chinese) history
from www.timelines.ws : South Korea (for period until 1945 mislabelled, begins in 2333 B.C.)
Chronologie Coree, from Clio, in French
Korea, from World Timelines
Accounts of History Current History of Korea, from Life in Korea, 5 chapters; from Asian Info
Korea in the Eye of the Tiger
Article History of Korea, from Wikipedia
Historical J. Ross, History of Corea, Ancient and Modern (1891), IA
H.B. Hulbert, The History of Korea, vol.1, vol.2 (1905), IA
H.N. Allen , A Chronological Index : Some of the Chief Events in the Foreign Intercourse of Korea .. (1901), IA
Specific Periods Korea to 1800, by Sanderson Beck
Korea in World War II, from World War II Multimedia Database
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H.H. Cynn, The Rebirth of Korea (c.1920), IA
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Politics Bibliography of Choson Governance, from CKS, UHawaii
Pae, Jae Shick, Growth of the Law of Nations in the Yi Dynasty of Korea
Military Wars of Korea, from ACED
Category Wars of Korea, from Wikipedia
Russo-Japanese War Research Society
W. Gilbey, Small horses in warfare, 1900, IA; p.28 on Corea
Economy & Finances A Global History of Currencies : Korea; Bibliography of Choson Economy, from CKS, UHawaii
Fukao, Ma & Yuan, Real GDP in Pre-War East Asia : A 1934-1936 Benchmark Purchasing Power Parity Comparison with the U.S., IEHC 2006
Silvio Miyazaki, The Historical Evolution of the Japanese Investment Flows to East Asia pre World War II, IEHC 2006
Lee, Chung H., Economic Stagnation in the Late Yi Dynasty. An Institutional Account (2007)
Development of Man-Land Relations in Korea, by Fridtjof Kuhnen
Oriental Development Co., Korea and Irrigation (n.d., 1920s), IA
F.H. King, Farmers of Forty Centuries .. (1911), IA
U.S. Patent Office, Protection Extended to Patents, Designs, Trade-Marks and Copyrights in China, Japan and Korea (1909), posted on IA
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Economic History of Chosen, Compiled in commemoration of the decennial of the Bank of Chosen. 1921, RASKB
Social History W.R. Carles, Life in Corea (1894), IA
J.S. Gale, The Vanguard : a Tale of Korea (1904), IA
D.L. Gifford, Everyday-Life in Korea (1898), IA
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H. Kang, The Legacy Lingers on : Korean Confucianism and the Erosion of Women's Rights 2004
Ethnography D.W. Smith, European Settlements in the Far East : China, Japan, Corea, Indo-China, Straits Settlements, Malay States, Siam, Netherlands, India, Borneo, the Philippines, etc 1900, IA; Corea pp.41-57
Religion Chronology of Catholic Dioceses : Korea, from Kirken i Norge
Category Religion in Korea, from Wikipedia
Korea, from Roman Catholic Hierarchy
Korean Buddhism, from Buddhapia
M.N. Trollope, The Church in Corea (1915), IA
Malcolm C. Fenwick, The Church of Christ in Corea (1911), IA
Dallet, Histoire de l'Eglise de Coree, vol.1 1874, IA, vol.2 1874, IA
C.F. Bernheisel, The Apostolic Church as reproduced in Korea 1912, IA
History of Regions J.M. Merklin, Countries and Territories of the 20th Century, 2009 : Japanese Sphere of Influence in the Great Han Empire : Greater Korean Empire, 1900-07-08, Japanese Protectorate of the Great Empire of Korea, 1908-07-08, Japanese Annexed Territory of Korea, 1918-07-08, Japanese Annexed Terreitory of Korea, Japanese General-Government of Korea, 1928-07-08, 1938-07-08,
J.M. Merklin, Countries and Territories of the 20th Century, 2009 : Provisional Government of Korea in Exile, 1928-07-08, 1938-07-08,
J.M. Merklin, Countries and Territories of the 20th Century, 2009 : Korean Guerilla, 1938-07-08
Local History History of Seoul, from Wikipedia
History of Busan, from Wikipedia
History of Daegu, from Wikipedia
Incheon, from Wikipedia
History of Pyongyang, from Wikipedia
Kaesong, from Kaesong
History of Wonsan, from Wikipedia
Institutions Kwago (Civil Service Exam), from Korea Times
Education in the Joseon Dynasty, from Wikipedia
Search Lighthouse Depot for Japan
Cultural History Korea, from UK Food Online, a culinary history of Korea
Evelyn McCune, The Structure and Ornamentation of Yi Dynasty's Architecture
History of Taekwondo, from TKD Tutor
Yu Hong-June, Portraits of the Choson Dynasty
Choi Gong-ho, Theory and Production of Joseon Dynasty Handicrafts
General View of Jeogori of Joseon Dynasty in Relics, from Jeogori Guide
Biographies of Koreans List of People of Korean Descent, from Wikipedia
of Foreign Residents of Korea M. d'Hulst, A Martyr of our own Times, the Life of Just de Bretenieres (or. 1866, 1892), IA
L.H. Underwood, Underwood of Korea (1918), IA
L.H. Underwood, Fifteen Years among the Top-Knots, or Life in Korea (1904), IA
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H.A. Kneider, Dr. med. Richard Wunsch, Leibarzt des koreanischen Kaisers
Environmental History Palearctic Ecoregion, from WWF
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Kim, Ji Soo et al., The history of deforestation and forest rehabilitation in Korea, n.d.
Lee, Kyung Joon, Successful Reforestation in South Korea: The Roles of the Government, Village Forestry Cooperatives, and Saemaul Movement, 2013
Kim, Eui-Gyung et al., Management and utilization of forest resources in Korea, n.d.
Kim, Donghyun et al., Study on a Policy for Forest Fire during Joseon Dynasty (during 1392-1910), Journal of Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation 2012, pp.217-221, in Korean
Lee, Woo Youn, Deforestation in Korea from the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries: the Cause and Effect, 2011

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Chosen (Korea) - Yi Dynasty, from Sleepin Buff
Statistical Data Population Figures Korea, from Population Statistics
Documents Historical Newspapers Hemerotheques National Institute of Korean History, Newspapers; various newspapers 1905-1953, in Korean
ICON, International Coalition on Newspapers, Newspaper Digitization Projects, scroll down for Korea
Specific Newspapers The Korea Review 1902, 1905, posted on Internet Archive
Online Yearbooks International; Korea entries Statesman's Year-Book, China : Corea 1884, pp.731-733, IA, 1885, pp.753-755, IA, 1886, pp.771-773, IA, Corea 1887, pp.805-807, IA, 1888, pp.810-813, IA, 1889, pp.820-823, IA, 1890, pp.430-433, IA, 1891, pp.434-437, IA, 1892, pp.441-444, IA, 1894, pp.441-444, IA, 1895, pp.441-444, IA, 1896, pp.441-444, IA, Korea 1898, pp.732-735, IA, 1899, pp.777-780, IA, 1903, pp.859-863, IA, Japan : Korea 1913, pp.1026-1034, IA, 1919, pp.1032-1035, IA, 1921, pp.1054-1056, IA
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Staatskalender Annual Report on the Administration of Tyosen 1937-1938, RASKB; see W. Wetherall, Korea, Chosen, and Tyosen reports
Newsreels, Films Indisch Filmarchief - Netherlands Indies Movies Archive
British Pathe
Wochenschau-Archiv (in German)
Archief Beeld en Geluid : Polygoon (in Dutch)
Travel Film Archive : Siam to Korea 1931, youtube
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Lafayette College, East Asia Image Collections -1952
Duke University Library, Sidney D. Gamble Photographs
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Search Delcampe Picture Postcards for Corea, Korea
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U.S. Department of State, Office of the Historian
Search Janus
Korean Mission Records 1889-1987, reels distributed by Adam Matthews Publications
Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken (Mofa, NL ; enter "Korea" in field : "Lijst samenstellen op land of regio", 7 entries; sources posted in Dutch language
Register of the Japan. Koshikan (Korea) Records, 1894-1910, at Hoover Institution
Treaties Carnegie Endowment, Korea : Treaties and Agreements (1921), posted on Internet Archive
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Korea, pp.470-512 in vol.9 of Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America 1776-1949, 1972, GB
W.W. Rockhill, Treaties and conventions with or concerning China and Korea, 1894-1904 1904, IA, supplement 1904-1098, 1908, IA
Consular Reports see : National Archives (U.S.), Records of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, 1904-1963
Foreign Relations of the United States 1851-1958/1960
Supplement to Commerce reports : daily consular and trade reports issued by the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Chosen (Korea) June 16 1915, IA; Dec. 2 1915, IA; Dec. 29 1916, IA; Sept. 15 1917, IA; June 25 1920, IA
Commerce Reports, 19th year vol.3, July, August and September 1916, IA, pp.206-207 : Industrial Notes from Chosen, June 16 1916; pp.258-259 Notes from Chosen, June 16 1916; p.1114 : Oriental Comment on Trade of Far East : Applications for Tungsten Mines in Korea, n.d.; vol.4, October, November and December 1916, IA, no entries; 21st year vol.3, July, August and September 1918, IA, p.166 : Production of Korean Insect Powder, Apr. 24; p.680 : Increase in Foreign Trade of Chosen for June, July 12; p.681 : Establishment of New Banks in Chosen, July 12; p.702 : Decreased Gold Production in Chosen, n.d.; p.717 : Output of Salt in Chosen, n.d.; p.735 : New Real Estate Bank for Chosen, Aug. 5; p.1194 : Abundant Korean Rice Crop Expected, Aug. 12
Historic School Textbooks Korean Cyber Textbook Museum, Korean language site listing historical school textbooks in chronological order; all subjects, all levels of preschool, primary and secondary education, beginning in 1901
Document Collections I.R. Savonarola, Universus terrarum orbis scriptorum calamo delineatus, hoc est auctorum fere omnium qui de Europae, Asiae, Africae et Americae regnis, provinciis, populis, civitatibus, oppidis... qualibet lingua scripserunt , 1713, GB ; Corea vol.1 p.299
Links, from UWashington Library
Documents : Korea, from CEAS, from UCLA Center for East Asian Studies
Historical Documents, posted by ICAS
Old Documents in Korea, from Academy of Korean Studies
Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
Search USC Digital Library for Korea
Asia for Educators, Primary Sources with DBQs, Korea
Individual Documents UN General Assembly 2nd Session 1947-1948 Resolution No.112, The Problem of the Independence of Korea
Historical Maps collections Search David Rumsey Map Collection for Korea
Korea Maps, from PCL, UTexas
Historical Maps of South Korea, from The Map Database
BSB, Codex Cor.72, Atlas; according to BSB, from the late 17th century
Category : Old Maps of Korea, from Wikimedia Commons
USC Digital Library, Sea of Korea Map Collection
information G. Ledyard, Cartography in Korea, pp.235-345 in J.B. Harley and D. Woodward (ed.), Cartography in the Traditional East and Southeast Asian Societies, vol.2 : Cartography in Korea, Japan and Vietnam, Chicago UP 1994
Korea, Modern North and South Korea, from Asian Linguistic Maps
Korea, Contemporary Corea 1906, Korea 1906, 1938, Korea and Manchuria 1904, Korea (Chosen) 1922, from Probert Encyclopedia
Detail, Modern
Detail, Contemporary U.S. Army Map Services, Korea 1:250,000, 1950-; Korea City Plans 1944-1946
Se-ul and Environs 1912 (Seoul), PCL, UTexas
Central Seoul, Eastern Seoul, Southern Seoul 1946, Entire Map, PCL, UTexas
Soviet Military Topographic Maps : South Korea, 1:200,000, according to Stanford University, Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections
Encyclopedia Entries
Secular Article Corea, in J.J. Hofman, Lexicon Universale, vol.1 1698 p.983, posted by MATEO, in Latin
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Religious Article Corea, from Catholic Encyclopedia (1907)
Das Sinesische Reich, pp.697-700 in vol.2 of C.Fr. Staeudlin, Kirchliche Geographie u. Statistik, 1804, in German, GB
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Terry's Japanese Empire 1914 ed., IA; 1928, RASKB
U.S. Department of Defense, A Pocket Guide to Korea, 1962, 1970
Institutions Archives The National Archives of Korea
Korean Film Archive
Musea Wikipedia : List of Museums in South Korea
Monuments Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea
Wikipedia : National Treasures of South Korea
Libraries The National Library of Korea
Libraries in South Korea, from LibDex, 17 entries
National Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag of the Republic of Korea, from FOTW; lacks explanation of history of the flag
Flag of the Japanese Resident-General in Korea 1905-1910, from FOTW
Coins, Banknotes from World Currency Gallery, Ron Wise's World Paper Money
Korean coins, from Zeno; Korea, from Encyclopedia of Small Silver Coins
C. Gardner, The Coinage of Corea, Journal of the China branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 27 (1892-1893) p.71-130, posted by Digital Library Numis
Stamps Korea, from Sandafayre Stamps Library
Others S. Kalff, Een Spoorwegreis door Korea, Landen en Volken 1908, posted by Project Gutenberg; attached J. Philipson-Radersma, De Vrouwen op Korea

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Statistical Data IHS : B.R. Mitchell, International Historical Statistics. Africa, Asia & Oceania 1750-2000, London : Palgrave 2003 [G]
Yearbooks Article : Corea, in : Statesman's Year Book 1895 pp.441-443, Korea 1898 pp.733-735, 1901 pp.825-828, 1905 pp.892-897, 1910 pp.994-997, Japan : Korea 1918 pp.1056-1059, 1919 pp.1032-1035, 1924 pp.1068-1071, 1925 pp.1077-1080, 1926 pp.1043-1046, 1928 pp.1072-1075, 1929 pp.1055-1059, 1932 pp.1071-1074, 1937 pp.1107-1110, 1943 pp.1063-1066 [G]
Article : Japan : Korea, in : Britannica Book of the Year 1913 pp.1061-1062; Chosen 1944 pp.185-186, 1945 p.186 [G]
Article : Corea, in : International Year Book 1898 pp.216-219, 1899 pp.227-229, 1900 pp.253-255 [G]
Article : Korea, in : New International Year Book 1907 pp.443-445, 1908 pp.396-398, 1909 pp.407-408, 1913 pp.387-388, 1914 pp.401-402, 1916 p.368, 1918 pp.352-353, 1919 pp.373-374, 1920 p.386, 1921 p.405, 1923 pp.404-405, 1925 pp.385-386, 1928 p.389, 1930 pp.415-416, 1932 p.423, 1933 p.409, 1934 pp.347-348, 1935 pp.361-362, 1938 pp.377-378, 1939 pp.405-406, Events of 1940 p.391, 1941 pp.313-314, 1942 pp.356-357, 1943 pp.315-316, 1944 pp.330-331, 1945 pp.308-312 [G]
Article : Korea, in : Americana Annual 1927 pp.482-483, 1928 p.436, 1930 p.427, 1931 p.428, 1932 p.395, 1933 pp.419-420, 1934 p.325, 1935 p.390, 1936 p.394, 1937 p.376, 1938 p.363, 1939 pp.403-404, 1940 p.418, 1943 p.414, 1944 p.380, 1945 pp.397-398 [G]
Article : Korea, in : Funk & Wagnall's New Standard Encyclopedia Year Book 1932 pp.342-343, 1933 pp.303-304, 1934 p.318, 1935 pp.314-315, 1936 pp.291-292, 1937 p.297, 1938 pp.298-299, 1939 p.325, 1940 p.330, 1941 pp.279-280, 1942 p.248, 1943 p.253, 1944 p.170 [G]
Article : Corea, in : Appleton's Annual Cyclopedia and Register of Important Events 1886 pp.270-272 [G]
Article : Korea, in : Appleton's Annual Cyclopedia and Register of Important Events 1894 pp.396-400, 1902 pp.358-360 [G]

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