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Courland 1848-1880

The ongoing industrialization had an impact on Courland as the country bordered on RIGA, the Russian Baltic Provinces' most thriving city.
Latvian intellectuals founded cultural organizations and Latvian language magazines, in their publications raising national identity, political awareness and confidence. They voiced a deep-rooted dissatisfaction with the ethno-political situation in the country.
The RITTERSCHAFT (corporate nobility) stubbornly held on to it's traditional control of the LANDTAG (diet) and the administration. Yet, political reforms did happen; in 1865 it was permitted for non-nobles to buy estates. Yet the pace of such reforms, often granted under pressure from St. Petersburg, was too slow to satisfy the Latvians.

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REFERENCE David G. Kirby, The Baltic World 1772-1993, London : Longman 1995

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