Swedish Rule
Estonia Russian

Estonia 1660-1721

Under Sweden, Estonia enjoyed the protection requested for in 1561. For Sweden, the cities of the southern Baltic shore (Reval) were a major source of revenue, which the country needed to finance it's many wars.
In 1673, Estonia was elevated to a General Government (hitherto duchy). A new Church Ordinnance for Estonia in 1686 introduced the consistorium.
In 1700, Russia's Tsar Peter the Great laid siege to the city of NARVA. Young Swedish King CHARLES XII. appeared at the head of an 8,000 men strong Swedish army and defeated the 30,000 strong Russians. King Charles XII. then focussed on Poland, Saxony and Denmark, while Estonia lay unprotected throughout the remainder of the GREAT NORDIC WAR (1700-1721).
In 1709 Charles XII. was defeated by the Russians in the Battle of Poltava; Estonia was occupied by Russian forces in 1710. In the PEACE OF NYSTAD (1721) Sweden ceded Livonia and Estonia to Russia.

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