World War I

Estonia in Turmoil, 1918-1920

The democratic Republic, proclaimed on February 24th 1918, soon enjoyed the protection of the British. But it hardly controlled the country, for irregular German troops (the FREIKORPS), as well as the parties involved in Russia's civil war - the Whites (YUDENICH) as well as the Reds, operated on Estonian soil.
In summer 1919, Estonian forces expelled the Freikorps from Estonian soil. Only after years of diplomatic pressure, Britain achieved that Germany recalled it's irregular units. In February 1920, the TARTU PEACE TREATY (Peace of Dorpat) was signed between the Republic of Estonia and the RSFSR (Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic); in it, Russia recognized Estonia's independence.
The 2 years of war, in Estonia refered to as the WAR OF INDEPENDENCE, had cost the lives of 3,600 Estonians.

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