War of Independence

Regular stamps issued by Estonia's Postal Service.
On the left : stamp issued in 1928 featuring Estonia's Coat of Arms.
On the right : stamp issued in 1919 featuring a Viking-type boat

Estonia a Democratic Republic, 1920-1934

The PEACE OF TARTU, signed in February 1920, established Estonian independence and full control over it's territory. A CONSTITUTION was passed, the state assembly called RIIGIKOGU created. UNIVERSAL ADULT SUFFRAGE was introduced, the age limit being 20. A step of major political importance was the LAND REFORM (10. 10. 1919); the large estates owned by the German minority were confiscated (their owners expropriated), broken up and given out to tenants who now became landholding farmers.
The country's main economic base was agriculture; it's small industry traditionally was oriented on the Russian market (St. Petersburg); with the establishment of a socialist economy in Russia, Estonia's economy had to look for new markets. Germany and all of central and eastern Europe being in a severe post-war crisis, that market was only to be found in Scandinavia and the west.
This transition was hard, but compared with the other newly established republics of eastern central Europe, proceeded less chaotic; Estonia experienced some inflation, but no hyperinflation.
A Communist coup d'etat in 1924 failed. Estonia saw the frequent change of cabinets.
In 1928 the MARK currency was replaced by the new KROON currency.

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