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World War II

Stamp issued in 1936, featuring President Konstantin Paets

Estonia a Dictatorship, 1934-1939

The Great Depression of the early 1930es affected Estonia rather indirectly. The country's economy mainly being agricultural, the number of bankrupcies related to the sudden withdrawal of credit was low. Yet Estonia's markets were unable to buy the quantities of Estonian exports. Among the population which suffered, the call for a strong government became louder.
A referendum of 1933 changed the constitution, abolished the PARLIAMENTARY SYSTEM (which had seen 23 cabinets between 1918 and 1933) in favour of a PRESIDENTIAL SYSTEM. The 1934 presidential election was won by KONSTANTIN PAETS, leader of the LEAGUE OF WAR VETERANS (which he soon disbanded). Paets, leaning on the army, ruled by decree; all parties except his NATIONAL FRONT were dissolved, political opponents arrested; Estonia had turned into a dictatorship.

A population census of 1934 counted 1,126,416 inhabitants of Estonia, 94 % of whom were Estonians.

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