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Sovietization of Estonia, 1949-1991

Resistance against Soviet occupation (Forest Brothers) continued into the 1950es, declined sharply after the west in 1956 failed to come to the aid of Hungary's rebels. Soviet harsh measures, such as the deportation of Estonians, the settlement of citizens from other parts of the Soviet Union in Estonia continued, declined after Destalinization (1956). In the early 1950es, the collectivization of farmland was enforced.
The Estonian Exile Government found itself isolated, as the western nations did not want to challenge the USSR over Estonia, and during the Cold War other regions and events attracted the world's attention.
Under Mikhail Gorbachev (1985-1991) the USSR went through a period of liberalization and democratization. Estonian politicians agreed in viewing the Soviet annexation of 1940 illegal, and thus Estonia still enjoying the status of political independence. Russia (Pres. Boris Yeltsin) recognized Estonian independence in 1991; the dissolution of the USSR late in 1991 removed the last obstacle to universal recognition of Estonia's independence.

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