Duchy of Warsaw, 1807-1813 1815-1846

Galicia 1795-1815

The THIRD POLISH PARTITION of 1795 had added WESTERN GALICIA, actually a region located north of GALICIA (Austrian since the FIRST POLISH PARTITION of 1772) to the Austrian territorial complex.
In 1809, after a defeat at the hands of Napoleon, Austria had to cede Western Galicua (her gains of the Third Polish Partition) to the GRAND DUCHY OF WARSAW, established in 1807. Austria also ceded the district of TARNOPOL to Russia.
The VIENNA CONGRESS of 1815 returned the district of Tarnopol to (Austrian) Galicia.

Halychina - Galicia, by Roman Zakhari (focussing on (Ruthenian) Eastern Galicia
Little Poland, Halicka Province, posted by Paul Havers, Polish Perspective
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