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Congress Poland
Grand Duchy of Posen

Galicia 1846-1867

A.) The Rebellion of 1846

In 1846, patriots living in the REPUBLIC OF CRACOW patriots propagated a Polish rising; in Western Galicia a peasant rebellion (leader JAKUB SZELA) targetted estate owners, a number of whom were killed. Already in March, Cracow was occupied by Russian troops. The partitioning powers agreed that a free city would serve as a haven for revolutionaries. The city was annexed by Austria.
The revolutionary fever of 1848 also caused revolutionary committees to be formed in Cracow and Lvov. The revolutionaries split by ethnicity, the main organizations being the (Polish) NATIONAL COUNCIL and the (Ukrainian) SUPREME RUTHENIAN COUNCIL. The corvee was declared abolished; still violence erupted in West Galicia, targetting the nobility. Now Austrian troops entered the scene; Cracow surrendered after a short bombardment; the councils were dissolved.

B.) Austrian Administration 1846-1867

Briefly the territory was subjected to a policy of GERMANIFICATION; German was declared the official language of administration, jurisdiction and (higher) education.
In 1849, the revolution in Vienna, Prague and Hungary having been suppressed, COUNT A. GOLUCHOWSKI, a Polish nobleman, was appointed stadholder of Galicia, an indication for Viennese willingness to reconcile with the Polish nobility, which, after the events of 1846 and 1848 were fearful of revolution and social reform. Gradually, Galician autonomy was established. In 1860, Galicia was given a separate diet, organized in 4 Estates - clergy, high nobility, lower nobility, burghers.

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