1871-1890 World War I
Galicia 1890-1914 Polish National Movement

Province Posen 1890-1914

With Bismarck's dismission in 1890 ended the Kulturkampf. However, the Polish representatives in the Reichstag formed a solid block in the opposition. In 1894 the DEUTSCHER OSTMARKENVEREIN (German Eastern March Association, often named HKTists or Hakatists after their leaders Hansemann, Kennemann and Tiedemann) was founded, an organization which strongly supported the policy of Germanification of the province. In 1901 it was ordered that school instruction in religion had to be given in German language; this triggered local school strikes, which in 1906 appeared province-wide, extending even into West Prussia and the Ermland (61,000 participants).
In 1908 the Prussian Landtag passed a law for the purpose of strengthening the German-ness in the provinces of Posen and West Prussia; it permitted the expropriation of Polish-owned land. The law was rarely applied; however it showed the impartiality of the Prussian legislation. A law on clubs and societies prescribed that club correspondence, protocols etc. had to be held in German language.

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