Latvia's War of Independence, 1918-1922

On May 28th 1918, the INDEPENDENCE OF LATVIA was proclaimed in Riga, by a bourgeois government. Latvia was to incorporate all of Courland and the larger part of Livonia (the Estonian-speaking regions of northern Livonia were to join Estonia).
The political and military situation, however, was rather complex, the Latvian bourgeois government competing with a Soviet Republic proclaimed under the protection of the Red Army, with WHITE troops under General YUDENICH in the area and with irregular German FREICORPS units under Freiherr RUEDIGER VON DER GOLTZ protecting the interests of the German minority.
Latvia was the battleground in a complex three-way war, where the Reuplican Estonian and Latvian troops faced the Red Army (with a strong Latvian battalion) and the combined German Free Corps and White Russian troops (AVALOV-BERMONDT). In December 1919, the German government, under international pressure, recalled their irregular troops; the Latvian Army cleared the country of Soviet troops early in 1920. In 1922 a constitution was adopted.

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