1918-1920 Dictatorship

Stamp issued in 1923 featuring Latvia's coat of arms. The 3 stars represent Vidzeme (Livonia), Kurzeme (Courland), Latgale.

Latvia a Democratic Republic, 1920-1934

In April 1920, democratic elections were held. A constitution was passed in 1922, the parliament called SAEIMA established. Latvia's democracy was characterized by political fragmentation; more than 20 political parties were represented in the Saeima in 1922 and 1931. In the 1920es, Latvia, after a land reform which broke up the large noble estates, experienced economic growth and moderate prosperity. The Great Depression, however, resulted in declining exports, rising unemployment and cuts in salaries.
Latvia's political fragmentization and the democratic constitution were blamed for a part of the problems, and prime minister KARLIS ULMANIS succeeded with his proposal of adapting a new constitution, giving the government strengthened authority and reducing the authority of parliament.

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