Latvia since 1991

In 1991 Latvia joined the UN, in 1995 the Council of Europe, in 2004 NATO and the EU. Russia withdrew her last troops in 1994.
The treatment of Latvia's Russian residents (in 1993 33.5 % of the population) was a dominant issue in Latvian politics since independence. A 1991 law limited Latvian citizenship to those who held it prior to the Soviet annexation of 1940, respectively to their descendants; all Latvian residents, irreverent of their ethnicity, were granted equal rights. A 2004 law restricted the usage of Russian in schools; a 2006 law requires applicants for Latvian citizenship to have good knowledge of the language.
The transition from state-planned economy to free market economy initially brought rampant inflation. The introduction of a new currency, the Lat, in 1993 brought stability. Latvia was affected by the Russian currency crisis of 1998, but experiences strong growth since 2000.

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