1922-1926 World War II

Lithuania a Dictatorship, 1926-1938

In Lithuania, the democratic experiment ended earlier than in most of it's neighbouring countries - Poland 1926, Germany 1933, Latvia and Estonia 1934. In a coup d'etat on Dec. 17th 1926 ANTANAS SMETONA seized the presidency; in 1927 he dissolved the SEJMAS (parliament), in 1928 he promulgated a new constitution widening presidential powers. A patriot, he rejected Italian Fascism and German National Socialism.
Lithuania continued to claim the Vilnius region, a claim which was an obstacle to improved relations to Poland, as well as to the Vatican; as Lithuania demanded the inclusion of Vilnius territory into the Lithuanian church province to be created, a CONCORDATE did only materialize after long negotiations. The church administration of Lithuania was reformed, the DIOCESE OF TELSIAI established (1926), replacing the old, but defunct Samogitian Diocese.
In 1934 the BALTIC PACT (with Latvia and Estonia) was signed.

Lithuanian Stamp featuring President Antanas Smetona (in office 1918-1920, 1936-1940) , issued in 1934

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