Lithuania since 1991

With the disintegration of the USSR in December 1991, Lithuanian independence was a political fact. When Boris Yeltsin established the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) as a successor to the USSR in 1991-1992, the three Baltic Republics stayed outside of it.
Lithuania joined the UN in 1991, the Council of Europe in 1993, NATO and the EU in 2004. Lithuania joined the Coalition of the Willing in 2003, dispatched a nominal force of 50 soldiers who serve under Polish command until 2007.
In October 1992 Lithuania implemented a currency reform, replacing the Rouble by the Talonas, and in June 1993 the Talonas by the Lita. Lithuania remained dependent on exports to Russia for years. In 1995 two Lithuanian banks folded, causing an economic crisis. In 1998 Lithuania was affected by the collapse of the Russian Rouble. The country then reoriented her economy on the world market.
Despite the economic difficulty, democracy in Lithuania has proven stable.
The Lithuanian basketball team won the European Championship in 2003.

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