1454-1569 West Prussia, 1772-1815

Royal Prussia, 1569-1771

In 1569 Royal Prussia was integrated into the Kingdom of Poland, as a Polish province. German historians stress this to have been an arbitrary act violating the rights of the estates; however the nobles of Royal Prussia willingly assumed the privileges of Polish magnates and assimilated into the Polish nobility. The burghers in the cities of Danzig, Elbing and Thorn, as well as the inhabitants of Warmia, maintained their German identity, and, except for Lutheran Danzig and the Mennonite communities along the lower Vistula, their Catholic faith.
Royal Prussia suffered from the Swedish-Polish wars (1620-1629, 1655-1660, 1700-1721). In 1657, King Jan II. Casimir of Poland pawned the districts of Lauenburg and Bütow to Brandenburg. The latter would hold on to them.


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