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First posted on September 19th 2004, last revied on March 18th 2009

for later history, see History of Poland

Poland in World War I
Congress Pld. 1890-1914
Congress Pld. 1863-1890
Congress Pld. 1830-1863
Congress Pld. 1815-1830

Historic Encyclopedias on (Congress) Poland, 1857-1915

Students' Papers : Lee, Si eun, Nations unhappy with foreign monarchs : Poland under Russia, Prussia/Germany and Austria, in Historic Encyclopedias (2009)

See also Poland in Exile

for earlier history, see History of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 1569-1795, History of Poland until 1569

Historical Atlas, Congress Poland, Poland Page
List of Wars, Poland Page

Country Profiles Article Congress Poland from Wikipedia
Article Kongresspolen from Wikipedia German edition
Russian Poland, from GenWiki
Profiles of Poland in General :
Library of Congress, Country Studies : Poland
Links, on History Category : Congress Poland, from Wikipedia
Link Collections on Poland in General :
Clio Online, keyword Polen; German language History Portal
Virtual Library History : Poland
Historical Dictionary
Historical Maps see WHKMLA Historical Atlas Congress Poland
City maps Warsaw 1899, Krakow 1911, from Discus Media
Map : Warsaw (Brockhaus 14th edition 1896-1898), from Hic Leones
City Map : Warsaw 1887 (Meyer 5th ed.), from Hic Leones
Map : Russian Provinces of Poland (Century Dictionary and Cyclopaedic Atlas 1902), from FEEFHS
Language Map West Russia (Andrees Handatlas 6th edition 1914, posted by M. Witkam
Map : Royaume du Pologne Congress Poland; Heck, Atlas Geographique et Historique 1835), posted by M. Witkam
19th Century European Railroads : Vistula Basin, Russian Poland 1875, from euratlas
Timelines Timelines on Poland in General :
Timeline, from timelines.ws
Accounts of History Article Congress Poland from Wikipedia
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Accounts on the History of Poland in General :
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Ethnography The Migrations from 1697 to 1890 to Poland, from Remus Shidler
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Archdiocese of Czestochowa, Archdiocese of Lodz, Archdiocese of Lublin, Archdiocese of Warszawa, from Catholic Hierarchy
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History of Lodz, from Lodz 2016
Culture Virtual Library of Polish Literature; Polish Literature, links from Slavophilia
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Lists of Statesmen World Statesmen : Poland, by Ben Cahoon
Titles of European Rulers : Poland
Population Figures Historical Population Statistics : Poland, from Population Statistics at Univ. Utrecht
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New York Times Archive 1851-1918 has 11,308 articles on Poland
Newspaper Archive, site requiring reguistration and charging a modest fee; on Nov. 1st 2006 has 227,515 English language historical newspaper articles on Congress Poland, 198,074 on Russian Poland
The Jewish Chronicle, English language newspaper published since 1841, all issues online, has 43 articles on Congress Poland, 464 on Russian Poland
Devastated Poland (National Geographic May 1917), posted by Wikisource
Archives Links to Archives in Poland, from Archivum Panstwowe w Gdansku
State Archives in Poland
State Symbols Flag, Kingdom of Poland, from FOTW
Coat of Arms, from International Civic Heraldry
Coins, Banknotes Banknotes of Poland, from World Currency Museum, from Ron Wise's World Currency Museum
Catalog of Polish Banknotes, site in Polish/German

Online Libraries Virtual Library Eastern Europe, maintained in Germany, most sources in German
Central and Eastern European Online Library
Digitale Texte im Seminar für Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte, Univ. Köln; many 19th century texts, mostly in German
Gutenberg Library Online, keyword Poland
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