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Swedish Livonia Courland
First posted on February 13th 2010

The Swedish conquest of Riga in 1621 resulted in the partition of the Duchy of Livonia. All of the Voivodships of Pernau and Dorpat and part of the Voivodship of Wenden now formed Swedish Livonia. The remainder of Wenden Voivodship, with some territory on the border to Russia added, now was to form Inflanty Voivodship.
Inflanty Voivodship is largely identical with the Latgale region of modern Latvia. Its capital is Daugavpils (in German : Dünaburg, in Russian Dvinsk). Until 1772 part of the Commonwealth of Poland-Lithuania, in Inflanty Voivodship the Counterreformation was implemented. The (German) nobility assimilated into the Polish culture.
In 1772 in the First Polish Partition, Inflanty Voivodship was annexed into the Russian Empire. First part of Polotsk Gubernia, after the partition of the latter it was allocated to Vitebsk Gubernia.

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