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Congress Poland Poznan (Posen)
First posted on November 1st 2006, last revised on January 13th 2009

For the history since 1914, see under Poland



for the years 1795-1918 ee also History of Poznan (Posen), History of Congress Poland, History of Galicia

for earlier history, see History of Poland

Historical Atlas, Poland Page
List of Wars, Poland Page

Students' Paper : Song, Yong-hyun, 19th Century Paris, Center of Exiles> (2007)

Virtual Library Eastern Europe, maintained in Germany, most sources in German
Article Great Emigration (1831-1870), from Wikipedia
DOCUMENTS Newspaper Archive, site requiring reguistration and charging a modest fee; on Oct. 30th 2006 has 21,382 English-language historical newspaper articles on the Polish Exile
The Jewish Chronicle, English language newspaper published since 1841, all issues online, has 58 articles on Polish Exile
REFERENCE Triloyalism and the National Revival : Prussian Poland, pp.27-35 in : R.F. Leslie (ed.), The History of Poland since 1863, Cambridge : UP (1980) 1989 [G]
M.M. Gardner, Poland, a study in national idealism (1915), posted on Internet Archive
The remembrances of a Polish exile (1835), posted on Internet Archive
G.L. de St. M. Watson, A Polish Exile with Napoleon: Embodying the Letters of Captain Piontkowski (1912), posted on Internet Archive

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