Louis XIV., 1661-1715
Domestic Policy
Louis XVI., 1774-1789
Domestic Policy
Louis XV., 1715-1774
Domestic Policy
Louis XV., 1715-1774
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France under Louis XV. : Domestic Policy

LOUIS XV., born 1710, inherited the crown of France in 1715, while still in infancy. First, the DUKE OF BOURBON ruled as regent (1715-1723), then the CARDINAL FLEURY (1723-1743). After Fleury's death, Louis XV., emulating his grandfather, reigned personally. His mistress 1745-1750, MADAME DE POMPADOUR and his close friend until her death in 1764, she exerted great influence on him and indirectly on French politics. In 1768 MADAME DU BARRY was installed as official royal mistress (-1774). From 1758 to 1770, the DUKE OF CHOISEUL was in charge of France's external policy. RENE NICOLAS DE MAUPEOU was chancellor of France 1768-1774.
Louis XV. lacked the interest and the energy his grandfather LOUIS XIV. had invested in the administration of the country. Under Louis XV., the expensive court household at Versailles (resp. at other royal chateaux) continued to be a burden, to which the many wars added.
With VOLTAIRE, criticism of domestic policy set in, to which Louis responded by abolishing censorship (1740) and appointing Voltaire court historian; yet Louis XV. was not the enlightened monarch Voltaire had hoped for France; he is quoted to have said "Apres moi, le deluge" (AFTER ME, THE FLOOD). Louis XV. forbade the publication of Diderot's ENCYCLOPEDIE in 1757. The JESUITS were expelled from France (1764).
Frances regional and local representative bodies, the parlements and city councils, opposed the costly administration of the kingdom; chancellor de Maupeau (1768-1774) pursued a policy of dismissing the obstinate parlaments and city councils (1771), reforming the judicial system by introducing superior courts and enforcing higher taxation. This policy was widely resented, especially by the nobility; when Louis XVI. ascended to the throne, he dismissed de Maupeau and reintroduced the parlements.

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