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France 1774-1789 : Foreign Policy

LOUIS XVI.' marriage to MARIE ANTOINETTE in 1770, daughter of Empress Maria Theresia, expressed a foreign policy continuing the alliance with Austria France had entered in early in Louis XV.' reign.
When the United States of America declared their independence in 1776 and the (US) AMERICAN WAR OF INDEPENDENCE began, this was an opportunity for France to get even with Britain (for the losses of 1763). In 1777 France declared war, the blockade of CHESAPEAKE BAY by the French fleet even decided the war, as the British fleet was unable to relive Cornwallis' troops under siege at Yorktown. In 1783, Britain ceded the SENEGAL back to France;
The gains, however, were insufficient to immediately pay the war's expense. France's financial situation deteriorated, and Louis XVI. in 1788 saw no other option but to call the ESTATES GENERAL to assemble.

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