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The Consulate, 1799-1804 : Foreign Policy

The SECOND WAR OF THE COALITION broke out in 1799, several months before Napoleon returned to France, toppled the DIRECTORY and established the CONSULATE. France faced England, Austria and Russia. Russian forces under SUVOROV were victorious in northern Italy and Switzerland, abolishing the French satellite republics where they went. When British forces took MALTA in 1800 and placed the island under British rule - the Maltese Knights had elected Czar Paul I. Grand Master in 1797 - Czar Paul I. regarded the alliance violated and ordered his forces to return to Russia. Napoleon defeated the Austrian forces; in 1801 the PEACE OF LUNEVILLE was signed with Austria, in 1802 the PEACE OF AMIENS with Britain. In 1802, France annexed PIEMONT. The CONCORDATE signed with the pope also belongs into this series of peace treaties, although French soldiers had not been fighting papal armies. In another treaty with the Ottoman Empire, the war (on since the Egyptian invasion of 1798) was terminated.
The Peace of Amiens did not last; in 1803 French troops occupied HANNOVER (in dynastic union with England). Napoleon assumed the title of MEDIATOR of the restored SWISS FEDERATION; he began the restructuring of the map of Germany and Italy. In 1804 he seriously planned an INVASION OF ENGLAND, in which use of hot air balloons was to play a major role; however it did not work out.

In 1803 Napoleon Bonaparte sold LOUISIANA to the USA, which france had regained from Spain by the TREATY OF SAN ILDEFONSO (1800).

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