France 1795-1799
Intellectual Life
France 1804-1813
Intellectual Life
France 1799-1804
the Economy
France 1799-1804
Foreign Policy

The Consulate, 1799-1804 : Intellectual Life

Napoleon Bonaparte, young, energetic, charismatic, made a strong impression on many people of his time. JACQUES-LOUIS DAVID, in Napoleon crossing St. Bernard (the Alps, 1800/01) tried to ban these characteristic on canvas. Napoleon's bust figured on medals issued on the occasion of military accomplishments or newly created institutions.
In 1802, parallel with the reestablishment of religion (the CONCORDAT), Napoleon reestablished PUBLIC EDUCATION.

Timetable : France during the French Revolution and under Napoleon Bonaparte. An annotated Chronology of Civil and Military Events, by Richard Orsinger, 1997
DOCUMENTS French coins, 1792-1804, from Numismatique - Monnaie
French coins of 1799, 1800, 1804, from Napoleonic Medals
Jacques-Louis David, Napoleon crossing St. Bernard (1800/01), from CFGA

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