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France 1804-1813
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France 1804-1813 : Domestic Policy

In 1806 Napoleon fully implemented the EMANCIPATION OF THE JEWS and had the first French SANHEDRIN assemble. In founded France's MILITARY ACADEMY in 1808. In 1808 a COMMERCIAL CODE was published, standardizing trade throughout the nation. Napoleon created a new French nobility by ennobling career officers and diplomats.
The CONTINENTAL BLOCKADE and Napoleon's many wars had proven burdensome to France's economy and population; many men had fallen in battle; for his later wars Napoleon recruited his soldiers mostly outside of France.
In 1809, Napoleon divorced Josephine in order to marry Habsburg princess MARIE LOUISE. When the KINGDOM OF HOLLAND was annexed to France in 1810, AMSTERDAM - next to Paris and Brussels - was proclaimed the third capital of France.

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