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France 1804-1813 : the Economy

In 1806 Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed the CONTINENTAL BLOCKADE against British trade. Intended to harm the British economy, it did, do some extent, but it also proved harmful to the French economy. Colonial products, such as sugar, became more expensive; BEET SUGAR FACTORIES spread (the first being operated in Germany in 1802). Yet, high prices encouraged SMUGGLING, which was going on along the coasts of France as well as on the coasts of other countries which had been compelled to join the blockade.
In 1808 a COMMERCIAL CODE was published, standardizing trade throughout the nation.
The many wars of the revolutionary period, and continued warfare under Napoleon, had had an effect on the Fench population - many men of working age had fallen in battle, had become invalides or were still in uniform, missing on the farms and in the factories.

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