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France 1804-1813 : Intellectual Life

Napoleon Bonaparte shaped France and French society like few other men did. The French population, for a long time to come, was to be divided in three rival camps, the monarchists, the republicans and the BONAPARTISTS.
During the Empire, a PERSONAL CULT, already beginning under the CONSULATE, was openly cultivated. Napoleon's bust was featured on medals, in the later years also on coins.
Napoleon's self-coronation and nepotism cost him admirers, for instance LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN, who crossed out the dedication of his EROICA after hearing of the self-coronation in 1804.
Napoleon had the ARC DE TRIOMPHE (1806-1836) built, in NEOCLASSICIST STYLE. At the same time a new artistic style, ROMANTICISM, defying the rationalism of the French Revolution, emerged.

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