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France 1814-1815 : Domestic Policy

Allied troops entered Paris on March 31st 1814 and the TREATY OF PARIS was sogned with Napoleon. The latter agreed to abdicate; he was given the PRINCIPALITY OF ELBA and an annual pension of 80,000 Francs. France was to become a CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY, with the Bourbon LOUIS XVIII as king. The EMIGRES, upon returning, were to be given back their possessions. France was to keep its borders of 1793 (with some additional territory in southern Belgium, and the city of SAARBRUECKEN).
Louis XVIII. was unpopular; so were other conditions of the peace treaty, especially that regarding the returning emigres. Peasants who had purchased land and farmed it for 20 years suddenly had to give it up, without compensation.
When Napoleon landed in France in March 1815, many joined him, in the hope of getting their land back or getting rid of King Louis XVIII. Napoleon assumed the title CONSULATE FOR LIFE; he abolished slavery in the French colonies in the West Indies (an act which did not survive the hundred days).

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