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Domestic Policy
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France 1815-1830 : Domestic Policy

France after 1815 was to be a CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY with a bicameral chamber. LOUIS XVIII., in the earlier years, leaned on LIBERAL ministers (Richelieu, Dessolles, Decazes), but then appointed an ULTRAROYALIST (de Villele, 1822-1828). Louis XVIII. died in 1824, succeeded by his brother CHARLES X., who openly favoured the ultraroyalists.
Until 1818 a foreign occupation force remained in France. Initially a WHITE TERROR took place, but soon subsided. With an ultraroyalist administration in charge, a policy intending to limit civil liberties set in. In 1827 the Freedom of the Press was curtailed, later CENSORSHIP reintroduced.
On July 26th 1830 the King unilaterally dissolved parliament, an action to which the Parisian population responded with REVOLUTION (les trois glorieuses, the three glorious days, July 27th to 29th). The DUKE OF ORLEANS was appointed Lt.-General (Aug. 1st); Charles abdicated on Aug. 2nd, LOUIS-PHILIPPE, Duke of Orleans, was crowned on Aug. 9th. The events of July to August 1830 meant the end of ultraroyalist policy.

Napoleon Bonaparte had died on St. Helena in 1821.

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