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France 1815-1830 : Foreign Policy

With King LOUIS XVIII. on the throne, France had become a member of the HOLY ALLIANCE (which served, for the unpopular BOURBON DYNASTY, as an insurance in case of a rebellion. He used the title King of France and NAVARRA. Louis XVIII. died in 1824 and was succeeded by his brother CHARLES X.
France pursued a cautious foreign policy. The CONGRESS OF VERONA (1822) decided upon action against the constitutional reforms in SPAIN and assigned the task of interference to France; a French army invaded Spanish territory and enforced the cancellation of the liberal constitution.
In 1827, the French consul in ALGIERS felt insulted by the Dey of Algiers; the French navy then blockaded the port of that city for three years. On June 12th a French force landed, and captured the city in three weeks, just before the outbreak of the revolution in France, in the course of which the Bourbon Dynasty finally was expelled from France. Algiers was to become the nucleus of French Algeria.

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